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2.4 L Reliablilty - Specifically Oil Dilution

Ask the People Who Own One:

2017 - 2024 Honda CR-V

I'm considering the purchase of CPO 2017 Honda CR-V AWD LX model, 32,000 miles. This is the base model with the 2.4 L engine that is not included in the infamous "oil dilution" recalls Honda is making. However since this engine does use GDI and is part of the "Earth Dreams (Nightmare?)" series of engines, I wanted to know if there are any reports of similar problems with this engine. My driving habits are 90% long highway commutes and 0% very short ( less than 5 miles) trips. Moderate winter climate (Maryland). Overall the CRV seems like a great vehicle and very reliable, but upon hearing of the woes that the 2017+ 1.5L turbo engine has with gas getting into the oil, I am having second thoughts.

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Response from LectroFuel

6:08 pm November 2, 2019

I don't think you should be worried about the oil dilution. The problem pops up usually when you have short trips in cold weather, but since your engine will be warmed up throughout the entire trip you should be fine. It is otherwise one of the best engines in the segment. Tons of people have this engine in their cars. The Accord, Civic, and CR-V all use it.

If you still are worried, look at the other SUVs like the RAV4, CX-5, and Subaru Forester. The RAV4 should be best for most people.


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Response from NormT

7:58 am July 6, 2020

The new Honda SUVs are ones to not over pay for. Pretty much goes for all modern Japanese as they are not the extra they are charging.

Would Edmunds Editors Buy a CR-V?

Carlos Lago, Manager, Feature Content, and, Yes, That Carlos Lago
"Yes, as in it's the compact SUV I feel safest recommending to most people. It has the most strengths of the segment and requires no caveats. For me personally, it'd probably be a tough choice between the CR-V and the CX-5." Nays Ron Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor
"I would not buy a CR-V. Honda's infotainment system is a deal-breaker for me. It's buggy and slow, and I don't like that the tuning knob is missing. I'm not an SUV guy, but I'd probably buy a Kia Sportage. I like the tech, the way it looks, and it would likely be a few grand less expensive than the Honda." Josh Sadlier, Director, Content Strategy, and V12 Mercedes-Benz Owner
"No. The CVT is intolerably slow to respond, and the interior feels surprisingly cheap and hollow for a current Honda product. I have no problem recommending it as a new car given its strong resale value and high versatility factor. But to own and drive myself? Couldn't do it." Travis Langness, Reviews Editor and #VanLife Influencer
"No. I'd get the CX-5. It's just so much better-looking." Will Kaufman, Content Strategist and News Editor and Me
"No, if I were shopping for a compact SUV I wouldn't buy a compact SUV anyway. They're trying too hard to be cars, and cars are still better at it. I'd get a Honda Passport because it's a proper not-car that also doesn't have the unnecessary third row that's sure to get you shanghaied into perpetual carpool duty. "This is my game and I can cheat if I want." Noncommittal People Pleasers

Mike Schmidt, Senior Manager, Vehicle Testing Operations, and Waffle Enthusiast
"No, I wouldn't buy one because I think it's too small for my two-kid lifestyle. I much prefer a midsize 2+1 row SUV.


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