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2010 - 2011 Honda CR-V

Interested in 2011 battery ?I have 18,000.00 miles wife drives it every day to work. Yet CRV gone through FOUR (4) batteries only in cold weather. Allbatteries replaced bydealer They kept it for days and days and cannot find problem. There answer 'need to drive it more'
Yeap stuck with a brand new car that we do not know if its going to start.

Members do you think dealer replaced batteries to avoid LEMON LAW PROTECTION for owner??? Now that warranty is over i need to continue with dead battery issue with no help from Honda

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Response from mkaresh

9:07 pm March 19, 2016

I would bet it is being overcharged. Did they check the voltage output of the alternator? Ideally the alternator should put out 13.8 to 14.3 volts at a bit above idle speed.


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Response from Gregg C

7:35 pm April 30, 2016

I tend to agree an over charging battery will die just as quick as a battery not charging enough . Just make sure that the shop is putting in a good quality battery and a new one, also make sure your ground is good and clean where it hooks to the frame or wherever it hooks up.


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