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2012 - 2014 Honda CR-V

We recently bought a 2012 CRV. Great condition. 56K. Perfect CarFax. BUT, I was shocked to find that my previous car, my beloved, but common KIA Soul actually had much more interior storage area, you know, "cubby holes".

I would be interested if other CRV owners share my opinion about the lack of storage areas and how, and if other owners have resolved the problem.

Thanks, and best regards,

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Response from Suppin

1:33 am October 19, 2017

You know I thought the same thing at first coming from a Honda Fit to the CR-V. Intellectually I knew the CR-V was a much larger car, but it felt like it had less storage bits. What I ultimately realized and came to appreciate is that they have different storage options. For example in my Honda Fit I had essentially 2 glove boxes. The Honda CR-V only had 1 (and I was disappointed). That said the CR-V has a MASSIVE center console storage that can store half a dozen ipads, 3 storage cubbies per door (and a cup holder). another storage cubbie in the center console (next to your feet). and another set of cup holders in the center console.

So yeah. I was used to storing my things in different "areas", but I have to admit the
storage options in the CR-V are more numerous.


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