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2008 Honda CR-V Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by d07docarmo



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Reviewed: 2008 Honda CR-V

4dr SUV 166-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed automatic AWD

Why the 2008 Honda CR-V?

Past personal experience

I owned this car for 4 years. Overall, I\\\'d rate this car as a very good commuting appliance. It neither failed nor faltered during its time with us and I have no doubt in recommending this to anyone looking for a no nonsense do it al

Cargo capacity

For the size, the cargo capacity is excellent. Rivals many midsize suv\\\'s for space. Towing capacity is limited though.

Powertrain performance

The 2.4l 166 hp engine is willing and ready to spool up in an instant without complaint even when approaching the red line. The 5 speed transmission is smooth and very refined. This transmission deserves a more capable engine though.

Reliability & durability

In 4 years of ownership, we\\\'ve never had an issue with reliability. I am a cautious person, but at no time did I ever suspect that this vehicle would leave me in the lurch. I give it a full 5 stars for reliability.


The handling is very safe, the limits are fairly high considering its utilitarian roots, the entire structure is very forgiving and can take a good beating on extremely poor roads.

Why Not the 2008 Honda CR-V?


This is the the 2008 CRV\\\\\\\'s Achilles heel. On hills the engine screams when prodded with very little momentum to show for it. Coarse road surfaces make driving this car a very tiresome experience. I had to sell this car

Powertrain performance

The engine though smooth is very underpowered for this vehicle especially when loaded. Its limits are reached easily on the most gradual hills. It has to be wrung out to its limits to provide mediocre thrust. The transmission is flawless though.

Front seat support & comfort

In typical Japanese Small Car fashion, the front seats have very little thigh support for a 5ft 10inch person. The back support and position can be quite painful over 500 or more miles. This marred the ownership experience

Ride smoothness

Although the suspension can take a serious beating, it provides rudimentary isolation from the smallest road surface flaws. The seats vibrate with no occupants even on fairly smooth roads due to the taught ride. Can get very fatiguing over time.

Past personal experience

Overall the car is not very comfortable if long cross country drives are the norm. The sound levels and jittery ride accelerate fatigue levels enormously. The vehicle is a Jack of all trades, master of none. Sadly, I always liked it, never loved it.

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