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2013 Honda CR-V Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: New CRV experience by bzmika

A member in Texas, United States


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Still getting used to SUV driving having recently switched from a a small, quick sedan.

Reviewed: 2013 Honda CR-V

4dr SUV 185-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2013 Honda CR-V?

Powertrain performance

Provides all the power that you need, but at times you have to step on it, and the automatic transmission has some delay before it downshifts. Semi-automatic transmission would help, but the D3 button does the job on the freeway, immediately disengaging the overdrives when you want to pass someone quickly. Transmission shifts smoothly, even better so when in ECO mode at low speeds, though ECO mode does seem to rob power and requires harder accelerator input when accelerating.

Fuel economy

Mixed city, and short (5-6 miles on freeway) commute averaging 23-24 mpg. Long road trip including some hills ~30-31 mpg. Does appear to get even higher (32 mpg?) on flat freeways around 60-70 mph.

Controls and instruments

Nice clean layout. All buttons easily accessible.

Driving position & visibility

Good visibility in all directions.

Front seat support & comfort

Front seats very comfortable and roomy. They almost appear too wide, and I wish they had more lateral support. Very useable center console with a flat top.

Why Not the 2013 Honda CR-V?

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