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2011 Honda CR-Z Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: A compormise car that is not really a great hybrid or sports car, but overall we love it. by bilzfan



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We live an a smaller urban environment so traffic is not an issue for us. My wife and like sporty manual transmission cars. This is her daily driver.

Reviewed: 2011 Honda CR-Z

2dr Hatch 122-horsepower 1.5L I4 Hybrid 6-speed manual FWD

Why the 2011 Honda CR-Z?

Powertrain performance

The 2011 Honda CR-Z is obviously a compromise vehicle. It's mild-hybrid powertrain is neither powerful or highly economical. Our car is a six speed manual transmission model. I like the power that is available, but would like a little more. I also like the high mileage that can be achieved by driving it for economy. It has three "modes" that can be selected; economy, normal & sport. We mostly use normal and are very happy with the car in this mode.

Interior styling

I hate the gray seat covers in the 2011. they stain far to easily and are difficult to clean. I installed leather covers because of this.

Exterior styling

We like the styling but not everyone does.

Fuel economy

MPG is quite variable. I've seen 28 in short city driving up to 48 when hypermiling on the highway.

Controls and instruments

Typical honda standard. Very good

Why Not the 2011 Honda CR-Z?

Ride smoothness

Ride can be choppy for some people, it does have a small wheelbase. We like it but many people wouldn't.


The car is designed to get good mileage, therefore it lacks great sound-proofing. It's not a luxury car.


Really, If this matters to you your looking at the wrong car.

Other Features of the 2011 Honda CR-Z


If you liked the old Honda CR-X might like this car too. We love ours.

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