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Honda Auto Sense

Ask the People Who Own One:

2016 - 2023 Honda Civic

Does anyone have experience with the Civic Auto Sense system? It looks interesting, but I am concerned about how much control the car's computer could take and whether it works well.

Thanks in advance.

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Response from Member3838

3:12 pm November 26, 2016

I have sense and its more an aid to driving. It won't take over for you like a Tesla but rather guide your steering if you start to drift off the road from the lines without putting on your lane change blinker. If you don't provide driver steering feedback after a period of time it will start to alert you to start steering. What it really helps with is long drives where you are on the highway and don't want to constantly correct the wheel. This lessens driver fatigue. Sense will also stop working and beep at you when the street lines are no longer visible or when your are on curved roads. I particularly like the adaptive cruise control on long trips so I'm not repeatively restarting the cruise control after someone slower has been approached ahead of you. It also detects when you may have a potential to collide with someone ahead of you and applies brake to different degrees of strength depending on the situation. Overall I'm really glad I got the sense package and it doesn't feel scary or like you are turning over control to a computer. You are still in control of the vehicle and its designed that way!


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