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No acceleration

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2015 - 2022 Honda Fit

Has anyone had intermittent problems with no acceleration after slowing, then attempting to go? I have about 32000 miles on mine and this only started a couple of months ago. I can't replicate problem, nor predict when it will happen. Dealer told me it was my habit of driving with both feet. That I was causing the "sensors" in the pedals to have conflicts. If that were true, why has it only begun recently? Never heard of sensor in accelerator pedal.

I was almost hit in rear on road yesterday bcause I could not go after slowing for a turning vehicle. Scary.

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Response from Gigasnee

6:30 am December 17, 2016

Have the 2013 Fit and haven't had anything like that. Wondering if it's something to do with how the CVT handles sudden deceleration. My SO's car, 13 Pathfinder, also has aCVT and I think it feels sluggish sometimes.


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Response from ranger801

7:37 am December 17, 2016

I have a Honda Fit 2010, and up until now I have not had any issues with it. It could be the CVT but one thing I would definitely change is using both feet to control car. How did you ever pass your drivers test?


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Response from Member4056

9:55 am December 18, 2016

The Honda Fit is a "drive by wire" setup which means your gas pedal is only connected to the computer by a varaible resistor which sends a signal to the computer on the gas pedal position. With the evolution of litigation and unintended acceleration suits as well as safety, automakers have built in a "Brake Override System" to prevent unintended acceleration. Basically when the computer sees the brake applied AND the accelerator depressed it will reduce power to the engine. I know 2 footed drivers will say "I always take my foot off the brake when I accelerate" but it doesn't always work that way. Routinely I see older drivers accelerate away from a stop with the brake lights on. This also has to eat up brake pads a lot faster too. Stop the 2 food driving and the car should behave normally. Here is a link I found to backup my comments: http://oemdtc.com/9162/left-foot-braking-and-the-brake-override-system-bos-2011-2015-honda


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