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2009 Honda Jazz Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: I like this car! A mini-MPV/VUV (Versatile Use Vehicle). by Phideaux



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If you were in the circumstance of 'one car has to do absolutely everything!' the Honda Jazz/ Honda Fit 2002-2014 would be it. The origami interior - amazing versatile and usable storage - doors open at right angles; suit small family, will carry tall adults, 3 child anchor points, etc... It does all things well and nothing badly. Braking is brilliant.

Everyone who has been in it, likes it.

Reviewed: 2009 Honda Jazz

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Why the 2009 Honda Jazz?

Rear seat room & comfort

I'm tall (6'1" or 183cm) - and I have an abnormally long back. The Honda Jazz (or Honda Fit) (2002-2014) is one of the few cars I can comfortably sit in the back seat. In most small cars - and some large cars - I touch the roof. Plus, the origamiversatility of the seating, conversion into storage is brilliant - and better than many far larger cars.

Powertrain performance

The 1.5 litre motor is 'wonderfully adequate'. I always use premium fuel for that little extra zip. The 1.3litre on lower RON is a little sluggish - but again, adequate. I've met many owners who are hugely content. They get better economy also. I get 6.4-7.2 litres to the 100km.

Fuel economy

I get 6.4L/100km usually; 7.2L/100km if I'm driving harder and using air-conditioning, have got 5.4L/100km in a 100kph long trip. 110kph gets ~6.3L/100km.


At 49,000km, I'm still on the original tyres; I expect to get another ~10,000km. I do corner hard sometimes; I'm also meticulous in checking pressures. I got Nitrogen put in the tyres at about 20,000km and I think this has been beneficial.

Controls and instruments

The ergonomics are very simple, very usable. Many more expensive or exotic cars are simply harder to use.

Why Not the 2009 Honda Jazz?

Driving position & visibility

The 'A' pillar is thick. I've 'lost' motorcycles or even small cars. Simple head-movements deal with this problem. Most modern cars have the same issue, because the cages are stronger.


Handling is predictably top-heavy. It is not a sports car. The electric steering is vague in a straight line compared to some; oddly, driven hard on twisty roads, it has a reasonably secure, predictable feel, the small vagueness of straight line is not noticeable.

Front seat room

Only 'just' adequate for me at 6'1"/183cm. Taller or longer-limbed drivers would have problems, probably. Headroom is excellent.

Warranty, maintenance cost

When I first purchased this in 2009, the fixed servicing costs were very competitive. They have risen about 60% since (most dealerships make more from servicing than sales) but are still comparable. In November, the 5-year guarantee expires; the dealer will never see this car again. I've a local mechanic I trust more.

Safety & braking

Braking is EXTREMELY good!

Other Features of the 2009 Honda Jazz

Brand reputation & image

Honda has a good reputation. One of the best Value-for-money cars is the Honda Accord Euro manual - despite being a little 'old' now. If I needed a mid-range sedan, that's what I'd get. They are fast, and are aerodynamically stable at illegal speeds (180kph). The auto is pretty good. The 2.4 four-cylinder is faster than my (once-upon-a-time) Jaguar 4.2 litre - and uses less than half the fuel. One would love the V6 Accord, but the power/torque advantage over the fuel penalty doesn't make sense at initial purchase.


This is an 'everything car' - not a specialist handling/no-space space/no-handling ecofreak/no-performance bias. For an 'only car, small family' it's a no-brainer choice.

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