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2005 - 2007 Honda Odyssey

I have a faint rattle every tiime I accelerate, it disappears when I reach about 35 mph. I think it is the radiator. What do you think?

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Response from safetywork

5:02 pm June 29, 2017

Rattle as in a noise or rattle as in vibration? Every Odyssey we've owned (we've owned about 4 of these in various MY) between 90k and 110k we've experienced transmission issues - causing us to sell. Hopefully this isn't happening to you. How many miles do you have on yours?


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Response from Member798

5:22 pm June 29, 2017

So I have a very loud rattle when I accellerate, and I don't think it's the radiator... it sounds like a part of the exhaust system. And our transmission has been replaced twice, but it's still cheaper than a new car. Actually, it was rebuilt once, and replaced the second time. We've had it for forever and other than that, it's been very reliable and useful.


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Response from Valvestem

12:45 pm June 30, 2017

Check the heat shield for the catalytic converter. They are cause of most exhaust rattles.


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