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I need occasional seating for 6 adults, but not a minivan

Ask the People Who Own One:

2016 - 2024 Honda Pilot

My shortlist so far contains the following (based on features, styling, 3rd row adult seats, and reliability/warranty):

Subaru Ascent
VW Atlas
Honda Pilot
Volvo XC90 Momentum

Am I missing something? I want to keep it under $50k, and will likely replace the car in 6-7 years. I will not be taking the car offroad or in snow.

I do not want a minivan. Must have features:

android auto
rear view camera
blind spot monitoring
nice to have features:
360 degree camera
auto-collision braking
panoramic moonroof
heads up display
What are my options? Am I missing any make/model in my shortlist?

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Response from LectroFuel

7:10 pm March 6, 2018

You will get more responses if you post this in the "My Next Car" section of TrueDelta. None of these SUVs handle well and all of them are available with automatic braking, backup cameras (standard), and blind spot sensors.

First of all, I would skip the Volvo if you want reliability. Newer Volvos have had a lot of issues. Otherwise, it is a great SUV.

I don't know about the Subaru Ascent. It wouldn't be my first choice, but I don't even know how it drives because there are no reviews and they haven't started selling yet. Subarus are better if you need AWD. You pay a premium for the useless AWD, which comes on all Subarus except the BRZ.

I drove a VW Atlas and was not at all impressed with it. The ride was not smooth, the seats were not comfortable, and the interior plastics are cheap feeling, especially the fake wood. When driving, it feels like driving a Suburban, which is over 1000 lbs heavier than the Atlas. The hood doesn't help either because it's huge. The V6 did not provide enought power, but it was quiet under full throttle. Now it is available with a 2.0T, which I feel like would be better since it is lighter and torquey at the low end. I only liked that it had CarPlay/Android Auto and the instrument cluster was a screen. One thing you might like is that the Atlas has a bumper-to-bumper 6 year/72k mile warranty. The 3rd row was also spacious, almost like a minivan. The 360 degree camera is available and very useful in something this big. It is available with a panoramic sunroof. This SUV sounds like it fits your bill the most, but it doesn't execute many things well.

The Honda Pilot is pretty good. I drove one and thought it was better than the Atlas. It has a quiet, comfortable ride, a nice and practical interior, Android Auto, a more than capable engine. The 3rd row is not as spacious as the Atlas. The Pilot doesn't have a 360 camera, but it does have a nice multi-view backup camera. It has two normal sized split sunroofs with a BluRay player screen in the middle. The BluRay screen would be useless because you could buy iPads for the same price. I wish it was a single huge sunroof. The engine is about as powerful as the Atlas, but the Pilot is one of the fastest midsize SUVs. In the 2016 Pilot, the 9 speed transmissions found in the Touring and Elite trims were problematic. I think they have sorted out the problems now according to reliability surveys, but they don't shift smoothly.

You are missing one SUV I think you should test drive: the Kia Sorento. It has a 10 year/100k mile powertrain warranty, Android Auto, a 360 degree camera, a comfy and quiet ride, and a high quality interior. It can be optioned with a panoramic sunroof. My only concern is that the Sorento has a smaller 3rd row than the other two.

Another one is the 2018 Chevy Traverse. It is big like the Atlas, but it has middling reliability and a shorter warranty coverage. The third row is wider than the Atlas, but has much less leg room. Active safety features easily affordable in other SUVs are more expensive in the Traverse. I would think it would drive better than the Atlas.


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Response from NormT

7:01 pm March 7, 2018

Response from prady

2:30 pm April 12, 2018

Mazda CX-9 looks good and drives good, but the third row is basically useless for adults.


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