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high miles

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2006 - 2008 Honda Pilot

i am interested in a 1 owner used 2007 Honda Pilot. They are asking $10,061.00 and it has just over 100K. Is that milage too high to consider the car? It is being look as a car for my daughter for college.

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Response from mkaresh

12:42 pm April 8, 2016

I have a 2005 with 186k and the only repair I have ever done is a new radiator. I am thorough with all scheduled maintenance, so you would want to check that it has been done, like any car.

Two questions that I think of: 1. has the timing belt been changed? If not, it needs to be and that is a $700 negotiation item. 2. Has the transmission fluid been changed? On older pilots this was a problem area.

It has been a great car for our family, among the very best value of any cars I have owned.


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Response from mkaresh

12:42 pm April 8, 2016

I have an '03 w/ significantly higher miles on it than that. My recent grad just returned it to me and I'll soon be turning it over to his younger sibling for use. Overall, this has been a very reliable car and I have every confidence that it will continue to be. Interestingly, I recently searched junkyards for a new fender and found very few Pilots.

I have started to have issues w/ some electrical items; door lock actuators recently replaced, rear AC fan hasn't worked for years.

Check the price on Edmunds or similar to see about the valuation.

Good luck!


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Response from mkaresh

7:58 am April 9, 2016

It will be fine. Just make sure the maintenance has been done. I know quite a few people who have drive that year and around that year for many more miles than 100K


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Response from Member2077

6:52 am May 11, 2016

100K is nothing for a Honda Pilot . May need to do timing belt soon but I drove my 2004 to 360000km(220000miles) ad was still going strong, Some rust started but that is in canadian winter belt. Ive owned Chev, pontiac, chrysler, BMW, the Pilot is my all time favourite , I only went to 4runner for more towing capacity.
Take care of your service & it wont let you down. ONLY USE HONDA TRANSMISSION FLUID!!! NO quick lube amsoil mobile1- nothing but honda fluid & its good as gold.


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Response from Misnomer

11:53 am January 6, 2017

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