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LOOKING TO PURCHASE 2015-2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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2015 - 2018 Hyundai Genesis

Hello I am looking to purchase my first Hyundai Genesis Sedan. I have never driven anything other than German or Japanese. I average 35,000 highway miles (primarily) per year highway driving for my job. After a test drive recently (3.8) I was really impressed with the fit finish and overall quality andthe amount of options you get for the money with the Hyundai.

That being said, I would truly like to hear any feedback you can provide me in terms of overall reliability, longevityand any problems with your Hyundai.

Looking to to purchase either a pre-owned 2015 or new 2016 Genesis sedan (V6) within the next 60-90 days.

Thanks !

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Response from wgkirby

2:25 pm July 2, 2016

my 2015 is my third Hyundai Genesis.
they are unquestionably the finest cars I've ever owned. The 2015 is flawless. Beautiful to ride in, very good fuel mileage. I have the 4 wheel drive, requiring No Snowtires in the winter. ( live in Canada )
l have close to 30,00 K on it. No problems whatsoever.
my only concern is the creeping price, year after year. Probably won't be buying another one for that reason.


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Response from detailman84

10:20 pm July 2, 2016


I appreciate your prompt response and candor. Glad to see you have had great luck with your Hyundai vehicles.

Your feedback was most helpful !


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Response from illinihoops

8:49 am July 3, 2016

Although not a Genesis, I purchased a new Elantra Blue in 2010. I have experienced zero problems with this vehicle over 6 years and 145K hard miles! Aside from 5K mile oil changes and the recommended servicing at 80K miles, I've done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this car. Regarding reliable service, I've yet to own a better vehicle.


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Response from Tgo10000

10:12 am July 3, 2016

I have a 2015 Genesis V6 AWD, I opted for the ultimate package. I have no regrets. I drive between 25,000-30,000 miles per year for work and I needed reliability, comfort, and safety(great scores and tech). I love the seat adjustments including the thigh extension and the heat function is the best I have yet to see. I test drove almost everything close to it for comparisons both luxury and non luxury. The value cannot be matched; comparable equipped it's easily $10,000-15,000 less than any competitor. I have had no issues with fit, finish or needing repairs. Also I'm not into badges, duh I drive a Hyundai, but I get compliments on its looks routinely. Good luck.


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Response from detailman84

1:35 pm July 4, 2016

To Illinihoops & Tg10000:

THANK YOU very much, for quick and honest responses.

Lets face it, next to buying a house, or getting married investing in a car is a big decision let alone from a manufacturer one is not that familiar with.

I really appreciate the info and will now start "shoppin price" on the car !

take care


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Response from Member290

9:58 am July 5, 2016

I have had my 2015 Genesis (tech) for 18 months. It is so quiet and so smooth. I don't get to drive it much but it has never let had an issue. I also have an MB E305 2014. That has has had two repairs (reported to TruDelta). The E is a little louder and a little less smooth. The only thing the E has which I miss on the Genesis is surround view. It would help in parking and preventing curb rash. The E's auto cruise and lane keeping tech works with more finesse than the Genesis. But perhaps they've tweaked it in the 2016 MY. The G is bigger and gets better mileaage than the E. Both have ths same size engine and HP. I think the G has an extra gear.

Either way, a E equipped like the G will run about 20K more and it isn't worth it. When I replace my MB, it will be with another Genesis.


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Response from detailman84

3:17 pm July 5, 2016

Member 290,

Thanks for your input; my other vehicles are a Jetta TDI (which is why I need to shop for a car now), as well as a
BMW 335is. The BMW although handles and performs better than any car I have owned, still has some electronic "quirks" and minor issues a 60k car shouldn't have. The Jetta has been flawless except for the AC Compressor blowing out at 38k miles.

I hope I fare better when I join the Hyundai Family !

thanks again


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