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R-Spec as daily-driver?

Ask the People Who Own One:

2012 - 2014 Hyundai Genesis

What's it like to daily drive the R-Spec sedan? I test drove a couple base models and liked a lot about them, but they just handled too much like a couch on wheels and felt too damn big. Does the R-Spec correct some of that while not beingtoo much for stop and go city driving?

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Response from Member977

12:42 pm August 31, 2016

I test drove an R-Spec before buying my 4.6. The R-Spec does have a firmer ride, but it still feels damn big. I think it depends on how smooth the roads are where you live - the R-Spec is pretty uncomfortable on rough surfaces.

It sounds like you want a sports sedan, and the Genesis, even in R-Spec, is not that - it's a big GT car that is perfect for cruising down the highway and making long trips comfortable.

For context, I daily drove a 2000 Mazda Miata before buying the Genesis, so I am used to a firm ride and tight handling.


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Response from mkaresh

2:03 pm August 31, 2016

I reviewed both in the past, and fully agree with the first response on the R-Spec.

The second-generation Genesis handles and rides with much more precision than even the R-Spec of the first-generation, but it still feels big. For a car that feels smaller you really need a smaller, lighter car.


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Response from technopeasant

9:18 pm August 31, 2016

In 2012 I went from a 250hp, 2200lb convertilbe to a V6 Genesis Sedan becuase I need 4-doors.
In 2015 I test-drove a 2015 V8 for a week.
I couldnt stand the new body style, cockpit complexity or the additional 500 lbs.
So I traded my '12 in for '14 R-spec.

I agree with the other postes in that It's no "sport sedan". As a former weekend auto-crosser I can say the R-spec needs to be driven hard to get the most out of the suspension but its not "tossable".
At All.

I also wouldn't consider it to have a luxury car ride.

Its running lowprofile 255/35/19's at 38psi

It exhibits much less bodyroll and generaly wallowiness than the V6, has none of the wheel-hop of the 2nd generation and never loses its composure over rough roads.

But it can be harsh yet resilient.
I've hit a big square hole at triple-digit speeds and was certain I bent a wheel but no.
All was well.


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