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Hyundai Santa Fe

Ask the People Who Own One:

2007 - 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
A member in Alabama, United States

Hello to all. I currently have an 03 Elantra that has done me justice, but time to get another 2nd vehicle. I noticed the Elantra was a solid car for 9 years and then the little stuff will start to happen. Most standard stuff like alternator at 165K. Radiator pin hole leaks at 10 Years. Things expected from being in Minnesota.Am looking to get a used Santa Fe in Colorado.The ones I am looking at have approx. 80K and the years are 2008, 9 and 10. Any input would be great, thank you. Also, what is the mileage on the timing belt change on the Santa Fe? 2.7 and up.

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Response from JohnnyFive

5:48 pm November 24, 2017

No personal experience with owning the Santa Fe, but I did consider it on my recent vehicle purchase.
I chose to buy something else after viewing the data on this site, especially the "repair trips per 100 cars" data. Some model years were as high as 140 trips per 100 cars. Which I read as 40% of reporting owners needing more than one repair per year. I was shopping for 2010-2012 model years


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