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2003 - 2006 Infiniti G
A member in Serbia

I'm interested in purchasing a Infiniti G35X. I've looked at a few vehicles between 2004 and 2006 model years. Most of them have between 150000 and 190000 kilometers. I'm concerned about the reliability of the be vehicle. Can anyone with experience with this car (especially is your car had or has higher mileage) please give me some advice. Thank you.

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Response from Member288

3:14 pm May 16, 2016

I owned a 2003 G35 for 4 years and currently own a 2007 G35x which I've owned for about 2 1/2 years. The 2003 was purchased with 108000 miles on it (173000 Kilometers) and I drove it till it reached 193000 miles (309000 Kilometers) During that time I spent about $2500 in repairs which I felt was very reasonable given the high mileage on the car. The repairs were for crank and cam sensors (whatever they are) and a new EVAP vent valve and cannister (emmisions equipment)

The 2007 has proven to be even more reliable, though I purchased is with fewer miles on it (59000 mile or 94000 Kilometers). It currently has 100000 Miles (160000 K) and I have spent a grand total of $125 on repairs! (leaking radiator hose).

The powertrains in both vehicles performed flawlessly and the cars are very fun to drive. Great power and handling and very comfortable. I actually thing I liked the 2003 a little better, but they are both great cars!

Hope this helps with your decision, best regards.

Rick W.


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Response from Member1324

4:11 pm May 16, 2016

We have two G35s acquired new; a 2004 6MT sport sedan for my wife, and a 2006 6MT sport coupe for me. Both have low mileage; '04 sedan/21K, & '06 coupe/31K, so my comments may not be that applicable for high mileage models. Yeah, I know, we don't drive them that much because we're retired (and we have a few more toys in the garage). I can tell you that in terms of time, both cars have held up extrememly well (being garaged I'm certain helps). In the past 12 years I've maintained them myself; oil/filter changes every 3K miles (or close to it), air filters about every 10K miles, and a set of tires at about 20K miles. We're in the Deep South of the US, so both cars came with summer/performance tires; I'm not sure I'd opt for S/P tires again (I'd be happier with 40K miles or better + our roads tend to suck--potholes, delayed maintenance, etc.). There have been no other repairs needed for either car--absolutely nothing has failed in well over a decade.

We toyed with the idea of an AWD G35X, but it was only available with the auto-trans, so we passed. (We also have an Audi Quattrro, so we really like the AWD concept--too bad we couldn't get a 6MT G35X.)

IMHO, I think the quality control of the Infinitis surpassed that of the Audi. Oh well, if I were to replace either G35 today, I'd most likely go for a Tesla w/AWD, probably a S90D. Sorry, didin't mean to go off on a tangent.

Bottom line--if a G35X has been routinely well maintained, I'd feel confident in acquiring one. Strong reliability has been my experience.
Best of Luck!


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Response from Member1009

4:24 pm May 16, 2016

My 2004 G35x has been exceptionally reliable. The early cars are known for wearing out the brake rotors quickly, but once the rotors have been replaced with a better iron alloy the troubles are over.

I don't bother with snow tires. AWD plus good "touring grade" 4-season tires see it well-equipped all year.

Change the oil and filter regularly and it will just keep going.


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Response from Member1616

6:54 pm May 16, 2016

I have a 2004 Sedan MT6 with 228,000km on it and like everyone else has said, these are very reliable cars. Living in a place where winter + salt has taken it toll, I'm sure my car has had a harder life than most and still looks/runs like new. That being said, the exhast wore out ($800CDN) and I've been through a couple of sets of front suspension Y-arms ($700CDN). That bein said, all the major components are original (even the clutch!) and I expect to get at least another 100K out of it...

Keep in mind that the as mileage is only fair but given the level of performance (especially with the sport suspension and 6MT) it's a fair trade off.


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Response from studedude

8:30 pm May 16, 2016

We currently own a 2008 G35X which is my wife's daily driver. It was bought used in 2010 with 50K miles and currently has 115K miles. Other than normal maintenance, the only item requiring repair has been an oxygen sensor. Fuel mileage is typically between 21-23 MPG, mostly highway driving. It currently has high performance all season tires and has performed flawlessly in bad weather---just avoid unplowed roads due to road clearance. We would not hesitate to buy another G car or Q40 if the need was there.


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Response from clearwaterms

5:42 pm May 31, 2016

i own a 2006 g35x that I bought used a little over 5 years ago. The car has had only 1 failure that left me stranded (cam sensor)

That being said, in the 5 years of ownership, here is the full list of repairs I have done on the car

replaced passanger seat (previous owner spilled something in the switches causing the power seat not to work, replaced under warranty)

replaced both front bearings (warranty)

replaced front suspension components (knocking noise when driving over bumps)

cam sensor (mentioned above)

I purchased the car with unknown owner history from a dealer with 40k miles and it now has 90k. It is a very fun car to drive, it has a great exhaust note, it is decievingly quick and handles great (i replaced the worn shocks @ 80k miles)

I have done most of the maintenance on the car myself (oil changes, transmission fluid, belts, fluids, etc) and it is a very easy car to work on.

I would buy another without hesittation and the newer g37x/q50 will be on my short list of sport sedans when it comes time to replace it in a year or two.


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