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2011 Infiniti M Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2011 Infinit M37 by chien_shih



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Reviewed: 2011 Infiniti M

4dr Sedan 330-horsepower 3.7L V6 7-speed shiftable automatic RWD

Why the 2011 Infiniti M?

Powertrain performance

This car with V6 3.7 engine and 7 speed transmission is a rocket in disguise, the car is deceivingly quick, and the transmission shift imperceably, you will reach speed limit in no time if you do not pay attention to it. Coming from another Infiniti, I know the reliability and safety of the car, I owned an Infiniti I35 for 10 years, put 200K miles on it, and it was totalled December , 2013 by a hit and run driver on the freeway, the car spung around on the freeway, hit the retaining wall and totally bashed in the back of the car, I came out of the car without injury, engine and transmission were still running, even with the back end bumper and muffler switched position from horizontal to vertical because of the impact force. The car dragged itself to the side of the freeway with its own power even the rear wheel was not moving, it really broke my heart to see it goes. I went out borught Infiniti M37, I know this car will last me for a long time.

Exterior styling

The car looks beautiful with good stance and the design has this elagance and sophistication to it, I think it is beautiful.

Ride smoothness

Car rides very smoothly with a solid clunk when goes over a pothole, the cabin is solid and does not have the cheap vibration associated with many other lesser cars, the car feels like it comes from one piece of chunk of iron, very confidence inspiring.

Driving position & visibility

I have a chance to compare the driving position with another Japenses luxury brand, M has a better seating position and you do not feel like you are sitting in a bath tub, the other thing I like about the driving position is the steering wheel can be adjusted with enough of play, it will almost make any position your favorite position. I also like the visibility to the front of the car, you can see the road better, I am 5'8", and consider myself an average size driver, I do not have to suffer the recent new car phenomenon of smaller windows with high car sill symdrom.

Rear seat room & comfort

Very envelopped and comfortable seat, have better padding, and seating posture is better than most of the luxry cars I tried.

Why Not the 2011 Infiniti M?

Fuel economy

I get average about 22 MPG with 80% of highway driving, this is with baby footing of the car, in town and climbing the hill, the milage can drop to 18-19.

Interior storage compartments

Cupholder is small compare with other cars, the interor storage for small handy items are not enough, you have to do with functionality that was not design for its purpose.

Controls and instruments

too many buttons, and some of the controls are not convenient to reach during driving, one example is to reach out to change your radio station,

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