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A/C not cold, Heat too hot

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2016 - 2018 Infiniti QX50

Curious if any QX50 or other Infiniti owners have had an issue where the A/C never gets cold enough
and the heat in the winter gets very hot? Wondering if this is a common problem for Infinitis ?

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Response from Member2209

11:02 am June 3, 2016

Our QX50 is our seventh Infiniti. The AC and heat are normal and function very well. You may have a defective temp sensor. Warranty will resolve for sure.


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Response from smrtech

11:26 am June 3, 2016

We got it fixed yesterday, turns out the inside temp sensor was indeed NOT CONNECTED !

Who knows if it vibrated off or came from factory like that, but was a simple fix and
works great now.

Mechanic though I was crazy when I told him to check calibrations and sensors.
So they fully evac'd and filled the AC system before they found the sensor.
Cold as ice now! Heat should not kill us in the winter, it was very annoying.


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