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2015 - 2017 Infiniti QX80
A member in Serbia

Looking QX80 was wondering how reliable the transmissions are. I think all other models such as pilot n highlander ford chev. Are having problems with more gears for better mpg.

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Response from LectroFuel

2:53 am August 8, 2021

I think you'll be fine with the transmission in the QX80. It isn't a CVT.

I don't think the Toyota Highlander is having problems with the 8 speed transmission, and the 2014-2016 6 speed transmission was definitely reliable. So many cars use that same 8 speed transmission from other brands (Aisin, Toyota owns a share of this company). The Ford 10 speed is looking to be a nightmare (no surprise). I believe Chevy has a tweaked version of the same transmission, so I wouldn't trust that either. The Honda Pilot has a decent 9 speed transmission, but it doesn't shift that smoothly. They had a nice 6 speed on lower trims in 2016-2019 I think.


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