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2005 Jaguar S-Type Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2005 Jaguar STR: Style, speed, silky smooth comfort, reliability, prestige... All rolled up in One! by kittyKickdown



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We name her Kitty. And she is a BIG kitty with an 8 cyl. engine, 420 HP. She gets 28 miles per gallon on the highway, and was listed as one of the most reliable cars for the year 2005. There was only 1650 of the "STRs" built for the USA. She is an amazing car that totally surprises me to this day. I was aching with fear when I purchased her because of the bad stories we heard on Jags especially the older ones. Yet, I have had few if any maintenace costs other than replacing the Climate Control, a belt, and a heating and oxygen sensor within the 6yrs I have owned her. Everything else is tires or fluids. She is 107,000 miles old and runs like new!

She is a spectacular joy to behold; Sexy, curvy, fast, beautiful, and smooth. It is like riding a jetplane on the road. Easy to achieve 130 miles per hour and the only thing you hear is her "kitty growl" when she starts off. She will "kickdown" you back in your seat! Can't help but smile and laugh with delight when Kitty and I go for a spin. No straining, grinding, or other indications that the car is working over its limits. She is definitely happiest as a road car where she can stretch herself out. You won't notice the drive no matter how many hours on the road! Because she is so powerful, road trips are best suited for this cat more so than driving quick errands or in tight urban areas. However she adapts equally well. Yet, it is similar to caging a panther in a zoo, rather than letting it run in its natural habitat. Let her have her power!

I would buy this car again in a heartbeat, and it has been my love! If you are so lucky as to find the real deal, the "R", and it has been well cared for, do yourself a favor and put it on your bucket list. Get yourself one! Don't be afraid to take the leap! I take my car to "Dr." Earl, North Coast Exotics , Cleveland, OH. THEEE BEST and very reasonable. Truly a premier mechanic.

Reviewed: 2005 Jaguar S-Type

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2005 Jaguar S-Type Love Letter


The 2005 Jag STR is actually a sporty road car and best suited as such. It is very roomy inside, has great trunk space, but the back seats are a bit tight. A couple of children could ride comfortably in the back. This is the perfect car for 2-3 people, who love to travel on the road. Whether older or younger, you will not have to sacrifice style for comfort. It has it all. It is economical on the road, getting about 28 miles per gallon. It can be driven well on small trips and in town, but it reminds me of walking a tiger on a leash, rather than letting it run to its heart content.

The car is meant to drive. This keeps it young and problem free. It is like a horse, and you need to take it out even for short trips at least 1-2x a month, but the more the better. And the car just loves a 2-3 hour drive at the minimum. This car would be a stellar performer for a cross country trip.

I purchased this car in 2012 for approximately $16,000 and it still looks new, inside and out. I got a LOT of car for my money, and I am still reaping the benefits and joy from this purchase. Very little maintenance. It is best to identify an independent car mechanic that knows his stuff. I go to North Coast Exotics in Cleveland OH, and drive 2 hours each way to have it cared for by "Dr." Earl. He is an incredible expert with all Jags, including the older models. However he works on the most expensive sport cars made. Identify for yourself a good mechanic that loves what he does and respects his own integrity.

I do not have any cons to speak of, though labor and parts can be expensive, especially if it involves the supercharger. I have never had a warranty on this car, but I would estimate I have averaged aabout $5000 for the entire 6 years, less than $1000 yr. This would not include tires, oil changes, brakes and rotors.

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Response from LectroFuel

7:48 pm September 27, 2018

My S Type had all the problems you mentioned and a lot more. I concluded with my experience that it was a pretty nice car with horrendous reliability. I had the 3.0 V6, the cheap one. Glad to hear someone is having good luck.


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