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2015 Grand Cherokee Seats

Ask the People Who Own One:

2014 - 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee

We purchased our Overland model in Oct. '15 and while we really like everything, the seats cause our legs to cramp and go to sleep. We have had others drive it as well and they have the same problem. It has the heated and ventilated leather seats. We drove my old Tundra on a 10 trip before Christmas with no issues.

No amount of adjusting seems to reduce the fatigue. Ended up buying memory foam cushions which help some, but only gives us a little relief.

Has anyone else had these issues?

Many thanks from Lawton, OK.

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Response from mkaresh

11:50 am April 17, 2016

Sorry that your current seats are a pain in the butt! Outside of swapping out the current seats for aftermarket, or older JGC seats, I can't think of anything that would help. We have an '04 JGC and it's extremely comfortable. If you choose to go aftermarket check with Quadratec, AutoAnything.com, CarParts.com, or any of the bazillion other aftermarket supply houses. You can also check with an upholstery shop to see if they can 'scuplt' the current foam, or replace it with something more suitable. Good luck!


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Response from mkaresh

11:35 am April 20, 2016

I drive a 2011 Overland, since new. I can say that I had a similar issue when we first purchased. I was able to eliminate MOST but not all of this issue by adjusting the seats. But for it took a good 6-8 months for the seats to break-in and this issue go way. If they went to an even firmer foam, I can imagine it made this problem worse. Perhaps try rolling the foam/seat at the front edge, or simply lowering the front of the seat to less of an angle. I still occaisionally get the issue on exceptionally long trips with only my left leg, I blame this or the poor positioning of the "dead pedal " space to the left of the brake causing me to typically ride with my leg bent and my foot just in front of seat. I have also noticed that the seating position is slightly "off angle", meaning the seat does not sit truly parralel to the direction of the vehicle...this could make a borderline issue worse, straining your legs and back and exacerbating the issue.

GOOD LUCK, i hope it resolves itself like mine did.


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Response from philbytx

3:18 pm May 3, 2016

We've 28k on our JGC Diesel Overland and, like others, we took our time and adjusted the seat angles and haven't had a problem since. We tow a Travel Trailer and are often "in the saddle" 7 to 8 hours a day and we find the seats very comfortable. One thing we did discover concerns what type of underwear we used!

Seriously, on long driving days we put on our wicking motorcycle undershorts. They have no seams "across or on your butt" and, what with the wicking function, they make it way more comfortable.


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Response from kellyh9

10:41 pm January 1, 2017

Contact an automotive upholstery shop. I work for one and we do foam modifications on car seats for uncomfortable drivers/passenger's ALL THE TIME. They should be able to help you. Keep in mind it can be a trial and error process.


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