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Help 2010 Patriot

Ask the People Who Own One:

2009 - 2010 Jeep Patriot

Hi all,
I hope someone can give me some answers as I am getting the right royal Run around.

I have a Jeep Patriot 2010 auto,

I had it serviced two months ago the standard Oil change and so forth. after two weeks I started hearing a winning noise coming from the engine, after a 40 minute drive I felt the motor slightly shake...it feels like a miss fire but its not.
I took it to Melville and they upgraded the software as the problems I was having is listed within the upgrade notes,

3 days later the problem returned again. Took it Melville and they discovered the Spark Plugs were shot. A week later the problems commenced again.
Initially on start up the Jeep preforms as normal but after the engine warms up the shudder and lack of power appears. If climbing a hill the Jeep struggles to preform.

The Tranmission feels hot, but I do not get any warning lights

As ssson as the temp gets to 1/2 the problems appear..on a hot day it gets worse...

I am in need of Help.....
Can anyone point me in the right direction

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Response from Member1478

10:07 am February 24, 2017

Was this vehicle a recent/used purchase, or one you've owned since new? And how many miles do you have on it?

Spark plugs should be changed about every 30k miles on this Jeep, but it's a quick DIY thing and uses basic copper plugs, so not expensive either. So it's possible if they hadn't been changed in a while, they needed it.

If it has the CVT automatic transmission (the automatic that you can +/- shift by pushing the shifter left or right), that needs to have a fluid/filter change probably every 60-75k miles to be safe...so if that hasn't been done, it'd be a good thing to do.

But the one thing that stands out to me is you say it isn't a problem until you get up to operating speeds, which makes me wonder could it be the thermostat? I've not replaced mine (2008 model, bought new w/136k miles now), BUT I learned recently that these vehicles have TWO thermostats. I forget the distinction, but one opens at a set temperature, and then a second one opens later. No idea if they're located together or opposite sides of the engine, but could be one of those is bad, which might explain why you don't have the problem until things warm up. If they haven't been done I'd suggest having them both checked.


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Response from freoprof

8:11 pm February 24, 2017

Hi Michael, Thank you so much for the reply to my nightmare. I have had the jeep from New it's only done 62,000 Kms. They have replaced the spark plugs 3 weeks ago Yes, mine has the CVT automatic transmission

When the motor is cold I notice the slight shadder in the motor as I am driving. It feels like I am driving on a light bumpy road.

Once the motor heats after a good 20 to 30 minute drive thats when the problems surface. For example when commencing to drive from a stationary position the RMP reach 2000, whilts driving if I geve her more power the RPMs at times can reach 3000.

The other discovery from a reputable mechanic tested the Engine Temp which came back within the Temp Range, what he did find was the Air Flow was at a very High Temp.

hope this gives you more to go on.

cheers Peter


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