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2006 Kia Rio Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Why not? by JamesDHudspeth



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My lengthly expierience with my 2006 Kia Rio

Reviewed: 2006 Kia Rio

4dr Sedan 110-horsepower 1.6L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

2006 Kia Rio Love Letter

Minimal exterior styling, just enough not to be overdone.


Initally I only test drove this because of the salesman. I immediatly discovered that the front wheel drive did not feel heavy when cornering and handling was good. Previously I had owned a Beetle and wore it out after 400,000 miles in the midwest in rain snow and salted roads. The interior of the Rio is well apointed and easily maintained. I am 6' tall and can still sit comfortably. Highway mileage has been 34-37MPG here in Texas. It has similar problems to all previous cars I have owned as in starter, alternator, battery and AC. These items actually lasted longer in many cases. I am now at 184000 miles and still going strong. Just maintain it and fix things as they come up and it will last many many miles. It does not leak, nor use oil so far (I have used 100% synthetic since purchase) Still has the same rotors calipers and cat since purchase. just pads, tires and misc sensors since the begining I consider maintenance as well as the afore mentioned items. A very sturdy car for the money and I plan to keep on driving it.

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