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Fuel gauge isn't working

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2007 - 2010 Kia Sorento

My fuel gauge suddenly stopped working I don't know what to try to try to to get it to work help

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Response from ReVolted

11:05 pm October 31, 2017

There isnt really anything complex that can cause this.. all fuel gauges are just a plastic float on an aluminum rod that sends a signal to the gauge.. you likely have a fuse in between.. I would start by checking for the fuel sender relay and check to see if its a blown fuse, if its a relay you cant really check it, unless you can use a multimeter to see if there is any current running through it.. If however the relay is good it can be the sender unit or the gauge itself.. testing the sender is pretty simple.. turn the ignition off, have a friend use the multimeter on the wiring on the outside of the tank, click the ignition to on without starting it.. if the multimeter moves, or shows current its the gauge, if it shows nothing its the sender.. if you attempt the sender itself.. make sure you disconnect the fuel pressure/fuel pump relay and crank the engine a few times, it shouldnt start, this will remove the pressure from the tank, also disconnect the battery before opening the tank..


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