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Kia Soul MPG


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Kia Soul Electric Fuel Economy

Model Year Body/Powertrain MPG  
2016 2016 4dr Hatch 109-hp Electric 1-sp automatic FWD 21.43
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With the 109-horsepower Electric engine, 1-speed automatic transmission, and front-wheel drive, the 2016 Kia Soul has been averaging 21.43 MPG (miles per gallon).

The 2016 Kia Souls in this analysis were driven mostly on the highway at an average speed of 50 miles per hour (about 5 percent of the miles driven). The rest of the miles were in the suburbs (0 percent), in the city (0 percent), and in heavy traffic (0 percent).

In addition, the average 2016 Kia Soul in this analysis was driven on flat terrain with a light foot and the AC on only some of the time.

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TrueDelta Reviews the Real Gas Mileage of the 2016 Kia Soul

2016 Kia Soul Real Gas Mileage: Pros
2015 The top reason to buy any EV is fuel economy. Both the Soul EV and the e-Golf used about 20 kWh of electricity per 100 miles of suburban driving, with the Kia perhaps ten percent less efficient than the Volkswagen. Their EPA MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) ratings are 120/92 and 126/105, respectively. With the average cost of a kWh about 12 cents, this works out to 2.4 cents per mile. Some people will pay one-third this amount by recharging at night in an area with low rates. Assuming 30 MPG and $2.50 per gallon (low by recent historical standards), a fairly efficient gasoline-powered car burns 8.3 cents of fuel per mile. Drive a little over 10,000 miles a year, and the annual savings works out to $600 even assuming 12 cents per kWh. But what about range? This will vary based on driving mix and style. Go easy on the pedals--especially the brakes--in the suburbs without heat or A/C and it's easy to beat the EPA range estimates of 93 miles for the Soul and 83 for the Golf. The former was the best during 2015 for any compact EV, while the latter was about the class average. (For 2016 the Nissan LEAF will have an EPA range esimate of 105 miles.) Of course, that's quite a few qualifications. In cold or hot weather running the heat or A/C will significantly reduce range. To help avoid this, the seats in the top trim Soul EV can be heated or cooled. Those in the e-Golf can only be heated. Highway miles drain the battery packs even more quickly than the EPA figures suggest, because the EPA assumes a relatively low cruising speed. On a 70-MPH Interstate the e-Golf's range fell by about a third. The Soul EV, with a taller, chunkier body, should suffer at least as much. Still, most people rarely need to drive farther than these cars can go between charges unless they're traveling (in which case a non-Tesla EV isn't practical). Recharging via a standard wall outlet can take over 15 hours in either car. Anyone who will often drive more than 50 miles per day should seriously consider having a 240-volt wall charger installed in their home. Chargers cost about $600, but this is without installation, which can easily add another $600 (depending on the specifics of your house). see full Kia Soul review

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2016 Kia Soul Gas Mileage (MPG)

Unlike other fuel economy surveys, TrueDelta's Real-World Gas Mileage Survey includes questions about how and where a car was driven. So you can get an idea of the Kia Soul's real-world MPG based on how and where you drive a car.