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1999 - 2003 Lexus RX

i'm looking at a 99 lexus rx 300 with 120000 miles, awd. wondering if anyone has experience with this model.
percentage wise how much more is for repairs going to be compared a ford suv.
how reliable and any other info.in canada manitoba so a/c and heat is a big factor.
thanks for all who answer much appreciate any info
thanks again

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Response from h2oskikrazy

10:10 am July 8, 2016

Reliability tends to be a strong point of the RX models. Lexus/Toyota tests their vehicles in extreme climate conditions for extended periods. The climate control systems perform longer than other brands without problems. So, I wouldn't be concerned about that. Like anything, they can break down. For mechanical repairs, any repair shop that works on Toyotas can repair them since they are basically Toyotas mechanically speaking. A 1999 Ford may have cheaper parts, but you will repair it more often and the Ford may end up ultimately costing you more.


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Response from JR456

10:02 pm July 9, 2016

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