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2015 - 2022 Lincoln MKC

I currently own a 2012 BMW X3 with approx 70,000km. Not a bad SUV but many annoying electrical issues have come up recently and I will not buy another one because of them. I spoke candidley with the shuttle driver at the dealership and he told me they require expensive repairs once the warranty has elapsed.
I\'m considering the Lincoln MKC because of it\'s unique appearance but I\'m a little worried about reliability because of the bad reviews on the 2015 model year. Aside from poor gas mileage and cramped back seat and cargo area, what are your thoughts?

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Response from AcuraT

11:06 am December 15, 2016

Sorry that your BMW has electrical problems - I heard many of them do and the surveys show that is their weakness.

Lincoln will not get you away from problems unfortuately. My neighbor just sold theirs after two years after the list of problems they had.

Tranmission issues
Power equipment problems

Consumer Reports warn of these as well as problems with the audio system (he did not have those issues - or at least he did not tell me about them).

Good luck.


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Response from NormT

9:37 am July 11, 2017

After driving a 2017 Escape SE AWD out of state to pick up a 2016 Buick Envision Premium ll, I can't fathom what goes into a Ford to make it a Lincoln. The whole suspension geometry would need to be redesigned.

Our Envision has a very good ride quality and has been perfect for the couple thousand miles we have put on it.


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