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2004 Lincoln Town Car Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2004 Town Car - Classic Ride, Comfort and Luxury by KilgoreTrout53

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I love nice long road trips, as long as they are in the right car. I researched owner reviews, reliability statistics and lots of details. I also spoke with owners and drivers. The Town Car comes up high on all the lists. I sold a BMW E36 so that I could feel comfortable, safe and secure on the highways. This Town Car checks all the right boxes.

Reviewed: 2004 Lincoln Town Car

4dr Sedan 239-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

2004 Lincoln Town Car Love Letter

I purchased a 2004 model with 115,000 miles on it. The car looks new, inside and out. It drives and rides like a dream, exactly what I expected. I managed to get 24mpg on a long drive - with the original spark plugs! I can't wait to see how that improves now that I changed them. Driving on interstate highways is far less intimidating when you are in car of this size. The tractor-trailers don't try and suck your car in and under the wheels.

Handling is good, for a car this size and weight (4,300 lbs). If you are used to driving a small car (like me) it takes some getting used to. The biggest change is learning to put on the brakes early - this is a heavy car! I do not recommend driving in snow, the RWD and weight tend to work against you in snow over 2 inches, something we get all too often here in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The interior comfort cannot be underestimated. Quiet, hardly any road noise, wonderful plush adjustable seats with lumbar supports and room. Great room in front, in back and in the trunk.

The 2003-2011 generation improved nicely on the prior models. Less round, with a stately grille, the car has presence. Everything about it says "this is how a luxury car should look." Hopefully Lincoln designers will adopt this attitude again (the recent Continental concept car is an example). Current offerings just don't have the stately, elegant lines of the Town Car.


I finally have my cruiser, and I couldn't be happier!

If you want a great ride, luxury and top of the list quality and reliability, this (along with the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria) is one one the best used car bargains around today. Don't be afraid to buy one with over 100k on the clock, they are good for 300k plus miles with proper maintenance. This platform had been tweaked, improved and perfected over many decades. The engine just purrs, the cars floats over bumps and road imperfections. "Old Tech" doesn't equate with "Bad Tech" in this case, quite the opposite.

In my opinion, Ford made a huge mistake killing off the panther platform and with it, the Town Car. In a few years, I'll be looking for another used one, no doubt about it.

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