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2002 Mazda B-Series Truck Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Updates as of July 2014 by oldspice



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So I last reported a leaking radiator. Well, it has since been replaced with a new radiator purchased from the local auto parts dealer. No leaks are evident so far - thank you, Jesus! The entire job went very quickly (I did it myself) and required the removal of only a handful of items. Yes, you can replace a radiator by yourself. Yes, you can do it. The truck has continued to be a pleasure to own. MPG numbers have not changed and remain around 20 MPG depending on how the truck is being driven. I might be burning a bit of oil as I'm finding that as I get closer the 5,000 mile mark I tend to had a 1/2 quart or so, but an amount that little causes me no concern whatsoever.

Reviewed: 2002 Mazda B-Series Truck

2dr Extended Cab 6ft bed 147-horsepower 3.0L V6 5-speed automatic RWD

Why the 2002 Mazda B-Series Truck?

Fuel economy

A quick comment about motor oil: Castrol GTX Extended Mileage improved my observed MPG by 2! I have always run Castrol GTX, the non-synthetic, cheapest bottle, "dino" oil. It has always performed well as far as I could tell, but I saw a $15 jug at Wal*Mart intended/designed for the 75,000+ engines out there. On a whim I tried it, and instead of my mileage averaging 19-21, I actually got a run of 22.9. The 22.9 MPG was on a strictly highway cruising trip of 4 hours total, but I was completed surprised. I switched back to the normal GTX at the next oil change, and my mileage dropped back to 19-21 MPG. I always change oil around 4-5,000 miles. I always use high quality filters like Mobil 1.

Reliability & durability

My 2002 B3000 Dual Sport recently rolled over 184,000 miles, and it has been flawless so far. I have replaced a thermostat. The radiator has a leak somewhere on the side, so it won't hold more than a 1/2 fill, if you judge by looking down the throat of the radiator filling cap. So far so good! My 1997 Chevy S-10 had 193,000 miles before I sold it, and I had replaced lots of things: two AC compressors, alternator, water pump, starter, and batteries. This truck, my B3000, has been very good to me. My S-10's MPG was around 25 though, so the B3000's 3.0L V6 is costing me a bit more there. Lord willing, the truck will keep driving. I originally got the truck at 77,000 miles, in case you're curious. Replaced: spark plugs battery fluids (oil when appropriate, brake fluid, rear diff, radiator, etc.) brake pads air filter

Past personal experience

I take this truck on hunting trips, and despite its being 2WD only, I have found it to be avery competent 2WD truck when it comes to mild off-roading. It is the B3000 Dual Sport version, so it has good tires and decent clearance for the infrequent times which I need to go through sand, mud, water, etc.

Why Not the 2002 Mazda B-Series Truck?

Front seat room

I am 6'5", and my head hits the roof. As a result, I have to recline my seat to keep my head off the roof.

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