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2008 Mazda Mazda6 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by *****bogieworf

A member in Maryland, United States


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Reviewed: 2008 Mazda Mazda6

4dr Hatch 212-horsepower 3.0L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Why the 2008 Mazda Mazda6?

Cargo capacity

The 2008 Mazda 6 was the only mid-size hatch on the US market in 2008 and has unparalleled versatility as a result. The styling is pedestrian, but the hatch is virtually indistinguishable from the sedan which is very nice


The handling of the car is its best feature along with the versatility of the hatch. Unfortunately, it also points out the need for more power. On the other hand, drive something like the EX35 and you will really appreciate this car

Discounts & incentives

I purchased the Grand Touring model with every option except nav for $23k. A similarly powered and optioned Audi A3 would have been over $30k

Reliability & durability

The car is over 2 yrs old now with close to 30,000 miles with no unscheduled maintenance. The car has been very reliable

Exterior styling

I love the fact that it is a hatch but does not look like a hatch back. It looks like a sedan

Why Not the 2008 Mazda Mazda6?

Audio & nav systems

The audio system is boomy and the Bose system is not easily upgraded without replacing the entire system

Powertrain performance

There are plenty of turbo 4 cylinders that have equal or better performance than this 6 cylinder engine. The car should be more powerful with a 6 in it

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