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Mercedes-Benz GL MPG


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Model Year Body/Powertrain MPG  
2014 2014 4dr SUV turbocharged 240hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 7-sp shiftable automatic AWD 27.32
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With the turbocharged 255hp 3.0L V6 Diesel engine, 9-speed shiftable automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive, the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL has been averaging 27.32 MPG (miles per gallon).

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLs in this analysis were driven mostly on the highway at an average speed of 65 miles per hour (about 80 percent of the miles driven). The rest of the miles were in the city (4 percent), in heavy traffic (1 percent), and in the suburbs (0 percent).

In addition, the average 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL in this analysis was driven on flat terrain with a light foot and the AC on only some of the time.

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TrueDelta Reviews the Real Gas Mileage of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL

2014 Mercedes-Benz GL Real Gas Mileage: Pros
2013 In the EPA's fuel economy tests the Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTEC rates 19 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. We observed low 20s in casual suburban driving (a few mpg lower with a heavy foot, a few mpg higher with a very light one) and 25.5 on our trip to Chicago and back (which included some heavy urban driving and 70-mph highways). These numbers don't seem so great, given that the GL350 burns diesel? Consider that the GL-Class is not only wide and tall but also very heavy, at nearly 5,500 pounds unloaded. The gas-powered GL450 is rated 14/19. Our family vehicle, a Ford Taurus X that weighs over 1,000 pounds less than the Mercedes, struggles to crack 22 on the highway. The Audi Q7 rates the same in city driving, and a couple mpg better on the highway. Since the GL350 is almost in another class size-wise, I'm calling this one a draw. Multiply this fuel economy by a 26.4-gallon tank, and the GL350 can go quite far between $100+ fill-ups. Is it really possible to drive the nearly 300 miles to Chicago--and then back--on one tank? Yes it is, with nearly a quarter-tank to spare. (Is it possible to do this without any of three kids needing to stop for a bathroom break? To our even greater surprise, yes to this as well. They were busy watching the $1,950 dual-screen entertainment system.) see full Mercedes-Benz GL review

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2014 Mercedes-Benz GL Gas Mileage (MPG)

Unlike other fuel economy surveys, TrueDelta's Real-World Gas Mileage Survey includes questions about how and where a car was driven. So you can get an idea of the Mercedes-Benz GL's real-world MPG based on how and where you drive a car.