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2008 Mini Clubman Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by jeepchick99tj



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Reviewed: 2008 Mini Clubman

3dr Wagon turbocharged 172hp 1.6L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Why the 2008 Mini Clubman?

Feature availability

There really wasn't anything I couldn't pick when I had the Mini ordered/made. The odds of someone ordering the exact same car are close to the odds of winning the lottery. (Of course, each option is $$$)

Interior styling

The Mini is really designed well for driving. The driver's seat lines up perfectly with the steering wheel and pedals. There's no annoying crowding near the pedals that require the driver to slightly turn their foot. It was always hard to remember that the vehicle was as small on the outside as it seemed from the inside. (Like a TARDIS).

Fuel economy

Fantastic fuel economy, (but remember, it's premium gas). I could really drive heavy footed and not lose out on over 32+ MPG. Filling up the tank wasn't a task I had to do very often at all, and fumes got me a long way.

Exterior styling

After a car wash, I really had to admire how good this vehicle looks.


This thing really hugged the roads, corners, and everything in between. With the right tires for the weather, it will even go in Ohio lake effect snow.

Why Not the 2008 Mini Clubman?

Reliability & durability

After this thing hit 52,000 miles it suddenly decided to start sucking money at a high rate of speed. The timing change started rattling on cold starts, (2k out of warranty), and needed to be replaced along with the tensioners. The dealership claimed they never really see this problem, and it's caused from low oil levels. They claimed the mini was a quart low, but it was fine when I checked it a few days prior. A search on any Mini forum will pull up tons of reports for this problem. Flash forward a few thousand miles and the reduced engine power light comes on and the turbo stopped coming on. I was 50 miles into a 1k mile trip, so I turned around and went home, to wait until Monday morning to take it in. I'll have to find the repair sheet, but oil leaked out and went into the turbo solenoid which needs changed, along with wiring, and either a valve or pump. There went another $1,100...

Materials & workmanship

The club door latch button doesn't extend out far enough, and I have to manually pull the button out to get the door to open. The dealership had replaced the cable once, which fixed it for a little while, but the problem came back. The plastic around the button popped off, and I wasn't able to get it to stay on, so I threw it in the door pocket and don't think about it much since I don't use the club door but every once in a while. The passenger door entry sill trim came unglued, and got all bent up. At that time, I only had the vehicle for a month. The dealership had to order and replace. Recently the driver's side started coming unglued also. The rubber piece around the rear doors has also popped off.

Dealer location

Mini dealers seem to never be within 200 miles of eachother, which can leave owners 5 hours away from the dealership. It also leaves you stuck with a dealership due to location.

Discounts & incentives

There might be some now, but they didn't exist when I purchased.

Cargo capacity

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