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2019 Mini Countryman Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2019 Mini Cooper S Countryman, FWD, 189 HP Twin-scroll Turbo engine by RxSmirk



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Fun, fun, quirky-looking FUN! I've had Saabs and Subarus in the past, so, I know what quirky is, and this Tall Mini is quirky. But, I LOVE this 8-speed auto in this twin-turbo package, and the changable engine and suspension settings are actually meaningful. Big enough to squeeze 3 normal-sized adults in the back seat in a pinch, and large enough to put the rear seats down and haul two golf bags/pull carts, and luggage in the rear, so, how much room do you really need? Quick, go-cart-like handling that somehow isn't too busy-feeling (might partly be due to 18-inch wheels), a fine BMW B48 twin-scroll turbo engine, and I only wish I would have maybe spent a bit more and bought the AWD 228 HP version. As it is, about 7.2 0-60 is quick enough. I smile every time I drive this neat British-inspired package. It's a pretty big "Mini" compared to the original, but, it's still small enough to be tossable. I'll probably give it to my daughter sometime in the next few years and upgrade to the AWD more powerful engine.

Reviewed: 2019 Mini Countryman

4dr SUV turbocharged 189hp 2.0L I4 8-speed shiftable automatic FWD

2019 Mini Countryman Love Letter

Taller than you might think. QUIRKY...which I love. Black stripes on white look appropriate without being obnoxious. LARGE glass area on the roof. The Piano-black accents are slick.

The interior is much more modern than the older Mini's. Obviously a BMW influence here. Interesting ambient lighting choices. TALL---lot's of headroom!

Twin-turbo 2.0 BMW engine with the ZF 8-speed transmission with paddle-shifting option, as well as three performance settings...great setup for this car.

Over 30 mpg without trying hard (having too much fun going 0-35 in town to see how frugal it can be).

Grabby brakes near the stopping point, but, well-modulated otherwise.

Smoother ride than I expected. Switch the dynamic suspension to Sport mode, and it stays really flat through corners, but, you pay for it with a very stiff ride.

Front seats have plenty of room...nice thigh adjustment. Mine doesn't have lumbar support, which is available, and would be nice. I like the side bolsters...not too much, but certainly help hold you in place.

Visibility is very good, except for long reach to rear-view mirror, which makes the view through the back window seem more limited than it actually is.

Nice controls, more settings that most people will ever use, but, enough for those that are gadget freaks.

Now that BMW has the underpinnings, Engine, and Transmission, the reliabiiity has dramatically improved over the Peugeot days.

Got a smoking-good discount with no hassle on a Service Loaner with less than 3000 miles...over 20%. Dealer was very easy to work with. They already performed an early oil change (based upon time instead of mileage).


It's not for everyone, but, if you like it, nothing else will really do the task as well.

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