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2010 Mini Hardtop Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

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TSB Date Problem Area TSB Text
02/04/16 NHTSA ID: 10059111
TSB ID: 12 05 15

Mini: due to faulty dme software, the service engine lights comes on, including the check control message for motor force decrease.
02/04/16 NHTSA ID: 10059112
TSB ID: 12 06 15

Mini: because of the dme software, and a damaged clutch, the drivetrain malfunction check message appear.
02/04/16 NHTSA ID: 10059113
TSB ID: 12 07 15

Mini: faulty software causes the check control and engine power reduced light to appear.
02/04/16 NHTSA ID: 10059114
TSB ID: 12 09 15

Mini: faulty software for the tank ventilation control displays engine throttle reaction when temperature is high outside, and more obvious if the tank is only partly filled.
02/03/16 NHTSA ID: 10059094
TSB ID: 11 02 15

Mini: a mechanical failure and dme software error of the vanos actuators cause the engine to run rough which activates the malfunction warning light.
02/03/16 NHTSA ID: 10059098
TSB ID: 11 06 15

Mini: different faults activates engine malfunction and oil warning.
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10/06/15 NHTSA ID: 10058544
TSB ID: SIM-12-04-15

Mini: some vehicles are experiencing several issues as when idling power is loss, before engine starts, extended cranking, clutch pedal fails to return to disengaged position, a high pitched whine noise from lower area of engine. model f5
06/09/15 NHTSA ID: 10057571
TSB ID: SIM-31-02-14

Mini: between speeds of 5mph and 30mph, on rough road surfaces and high temperatures, a noise, like squeaking, is heard from front axle, due to front axle control arm hydraulic bearing. model f55, f56.
06/09/15 NHTSA ID: 10057570
TSB ID: SIM-11-10-14

Mini: some vehicles have turbocharger noise and a lack or loss of performance, due to restriction of turbocharger oil supply, resulting in oil starvation and seizing of turbocharger assembly. model all.
05/22/15 NHTSA ID: 10057380
TSB ID: N-14-05-09

Mini: see document search button for owner letter. questions and answers for timing chain of various mini.
01/15/13 NHTSA ID: 10049421
TSB ID: SIM-12-06-12

Mini: engine coolant temperature sensor, now an individual component due to change in wiring harness and replacement of harness has two separate two pin connectors, where one for coolant temperature sensor and other coolant thermostat. a
11/02/12 NHTSA ID: 10046979
TSB ID: SIM-17-07-12

Mini: when a false reading leads to difficulty in starting engine and causes service engine soon lamp to illuminate, internal corrosion is forming in engine coolant temperature sensor, causing inaccurate engine temperature reading due to
11/01/12 NHTSA ID: 10046920
TSB ID: SIM-17-08-12

Mini: internal bridging of contacts by internal corrosion forming on engine coolant temperature sensor, could give inaccurate engine temperature reading leading to difficulty in starting and/or service engine soon being illuminated. model
11/01/12 NHTSA ID: 10046940
TSB ID: SIM-17-09-12

Mini: inaccurate engine temperature reading due to possible corrosion forming in engine coolant sensors which leads to bridging of contacts causing difficult in starting engine or illumination service engine soon lamp. models r55, r56, r
10/23/12 NHTSA ID: 10046779
TSB ID: SIM-17-06-12

Mini: on engine coolant temperature sensor, internal corrosion might be forming, causing a false, inaccurate engine temperature reading, leading to difficulty in starting engine and/or a service engine soon illumination. models 2010-2012
08/27/12 NHTSA ID: 10045302
TSB ID: SIM-17-05-12

Mini: due to internal bridging of contacts, internal corrosion has form on engine coolant temperature sensors giving inaccurate or false temperature readings for engine. updated 10/17/12. updated 03/11/2013 *js
08/27/12 NHTSA ID: 10045301
TSB ID: SIM-17-04-12

Mini: an inaccurate engine temperature reading may be caused by internal corrosion forming on engine temperature cooling sensor. no model years listed. updated 03/11/2013 *js
07/26/12 NHTSA ID: 10044719
TSB ID: SIM-12-07-12

Mini: there is a software error causing the service engine soon light to be illuminated that is related to valvetronic diagnostics. models r55, r56, r58, r57, r60, r59. no model years listed.
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07/25/12 NHTSA ID: 10044699
TSB ID: SIM-11-03-12

Mini: when resealing engine oil pan, engine oil pan gasket replacement should no longer be used due to causing sealing flange becoming deformed. models r55, r56, r59, r60, r57, and r58. no model years listed.
07/25/12 NHTSA ID: 10044680
TSB ID: SIM-11-01-12

Mini: on certain model vehicles, an engine oil leak may occur, due to the compromised oil pump volume control solenoid valve, from the underside of engine. no model years listed. updated 4/19/2013. updated 3/11/14.
04/30/12 NHTSA ID: 10043873
TSB ID: SIM-12-03-11

Mini: service engine soon is illuminated due to tank ventilation valve (tev) being jammed open and fuel cap, with evaporative system leakage, was incorrectly installed.
04/24/12 NHTSA ID: 10043724
TSB ID: SI-M51-02-12

Mini: installation of a heat shield for the bonnet intake air grill.
04/24/12 NHTSA ID: 10043722
TSB ID: SIM-16-01-09

Mini: information provided regarding procedure of replacing fuel level sensor due to failure on the right and/or left side.
11/28/11 NHTSA ID: 10042084
TSB ID: SIM-16-01-11

Mini: whenever the fuel is being depleted, the gauge fails to reach full position or not update itself when fuel tank is being filled.
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09/26/11 NHTSA ID: 10041278
TSB ID: SIM-61-01-10

BMW: the vehicle has lost power and can't be restarted. various trouble codes are stored. a fuse has blown disabling the injector system.
09/12/11 NHTSA ID: 10040741
TSB ID: SIM-17-01-10

BMW: engine too hot message is displayed with stored trouble codes. the water pump doesnt power up.
08/16/11 NHTSA ID: 10040187
TSB ID: SIM-32-01-09

BMW: information on the bumper bracket casting failure and replacement.
05/18/11 NHTSA ID: 10037305
TSB ID: SIM-11-07-08

BMW: description and specifications of crankcase ventilation system.
05/02/11 NHTSA ID: 10037065
TSB ID: SIM-11-02-07

BMW (mini): there is a rattle noise in the engine during a cold start-up. the noise is more frequent when driving short distances. updated 06/08/2011. updated 6/6/12. updated 10/23/12.
06/21/10 NHTSA ID: 10032985
TSB ID: SIM-17-02-07

Mini: electric cooling fan runs after engine is shut off. after the engine is shut off, the electric cooling fan continues to run. due to the operating strategy of the dme, the electric cooling fan may continue to run after the engine is
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06/03/11 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10037699
TSB ID: SI M24 01 08

BMW: warning light is on and the selector lever could not be moved out of park which was likely caused by fluid being spilled on the shifter.
04/23/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10134999
TSB ID: M650911

Mini radio boost cd is resetting itself and audio malfunctions
09/04/14 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10056104
TSB ID: SIM-64-01-10

Mini: suction line (low side) of air conditioner, vibrates, and compressor is excessively loud and runs rough when air conditioner system is on and compressor is active. model 2009-2010 r55 (cooper clubman, cooper s clubman, r56 (cooper, c
05/02/12 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10043927
TSB ID: SIM-65-08-03

BMW mini: airbag warning light is on: mrs fc 02, 03, 05, 06.
09/13/11 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10040855
TSB ID: SIM-12-02-11

BMW: a software error is causing a hesitation or jerking when accelerating under higher loads between 3000 ¿ 4000 rpm.
08/03/11 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10039593
TSB ID: SIM-65-06-11

BMW: the airbag warning light is on with a fault stored. the wiring under the seat may be pinched or damaged.
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03/07/11 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10035904
TSB ID: SIM-63-01-10

Mini: check control message but lights are operating normally. intermittently, a bulb out check control message is displayed, but all bulbs appear to be working normally. models r55, 56, 57.
09/04/14 Other NHTSA ID: 10056114
TSB ID: SIM-61-05-14

Mini: there is a disconnection or kink, in wnidshield washer hose, which is too short, causing windshield front washer jet to fail. model f56 (cooper, cooper s).
11/12/13 Other NHTSA ID: 10053604
TSB ID: SI-M-13-01-13

Mini: there is a procedural error in the removing and installing or replacing high pressure pump current version that has been replaced with the corrected repair instruction portion for the n14 and n18 engine. models r55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 6
04/24/12 Other NHTSA ID: 10043725
TSB ID: SI-M61-01-12

Mini: after drive-away locking activates, it is not possible to unlock the boot.

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Mini Hardtop TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)

Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). Plus a disclaimer.

  1. Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. NHTSA (a government agency) can only require a recall if a failure will affect safety, emissions, fuel economy, or compliance with some other regulation or law. Manufacturers can voluntarily recall cars for problems that do not affect these, though.
  2. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. You can also check with the dealer, which will know which (if any) recalls pertain to your car.
  3. The primary purpose of TSBs is to inform dealers about known problems with a car and how to fix them. They are not the same as recalls. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year.
  4. Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car. They'll usually want to observe symptoms that the problem is already affecting your car.
  5. Even if there are symptoms, a manufacturer doesn't have to pick up the cost of a TSB repair if the car is out of warranty, though sometimes they do.

We provide the text of recalls and TSBs as provided by NHTSA. There can be errors in the text. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons (some beyond our control) cannot guarantee you will receive them. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer.