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2015 Mini Hardtop Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: pros and cons to 2015 mini hardtop 2 door by jamestribol



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Had my 2015 mini built to my specs. Arrived early April 2015. Its super fun to drive, comfortable, with good gas mileage.

Reviewed: 2015 Mini Hardtop

2dr Hatch turbocharged 134hp 1.5L I3 6-speed manual FWD

2015 Mini Hardtop Love Letter

The mini is great to drive. The manual transmission makes the car quick. Fuel economy is great. Put it in 'Green' mode and drove about 250 miles on cruise control (70 mph). I got 47 mpg. Normally driving around town/highway, I get mid to high 30s mpg. Its easy though to get mpg in 40s, I tend to drive a bit quick (love the stick shift).

Interior is comfortable and computer is fairly easy to learn. Only thing about interior that is weak is looking up at traffic lights (if first in line). The roof hangs out possible due to front seat set back farther. It makes it difficult to see traffic light. Blue tooth connection with your phone (Iphone) makes volume on your music a bit low. I therefore tend to connect my phone via USB cord.

Get the 16 inch wheels, LED headlights, and roof rails if you build your car. If you can find these options on car at a dealership, you'll be happy to have these options.

Did have one flat tire so far. Had the dealership put a new tire (run flat tire) on it. It cost about $200 for tire and labor.


The cooper hardtop is a great car overall. Drives easy and is quick (get the manual transmission). Its a comfortable ride, intererior is nice, and gets great gas mileage.

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