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2013 Mini Roadster Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Take a spin for a grin by sumdrums



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People thought I was nuts for buying this car. No back seat, single layer top, funky interior, etc etc
Than I took them for a spin than there was the grin. They got it. Mini is fun and quirky.

The openometer is proof that this car is built for the juvenille in all of us. With the pop pop pop from the exhaust, that center speedo dish and the bull dog stance, It just puts a smile on everyones face.

How many people pull up next to you and say "Cool car" ?

Reviewed: 2013 Mini Roadster

2dr Convertible turbocharged 181hp 1.6L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Why the 2013 Mini Roadster?

Powertrain performance

Coming out of so many cars, plus we drive only manual tranmissions the MINI manual is so smooth and precise it is just so much fun to row the gears. Re matching could be done with ease and mated to that perky engine it feels fast and definitly alot of fun

Front seat room

Over 6ft and I need to pull the seat up two notches. All the way back my toes touch the pedals. Yippee I fit in a small car!!!


I would get the sport suspension and suffer the rough ride. On the non sport suspension the handeling is still superb, but I felt the car more with the beefed up suspension


Took off the run flats and went to a premium brand tire. Run flats are expensive and not all brands can be repaired. The car rides smoother and I can feel the car much better

Interior storage compartments

Tons of storage. Can fit everything my wife needs to travel with

Why Not the 2013 Mini Roadster?


Not in this car, but who cares with the top down.

Color choices

Limited amount of cars limits the amount of offerings. This car traveled though two states to get to me.

Fuel economy

Don't expect to get great 30 MPG plus. You find yourself planting your foot more often

Driving position & visibility

My legs are too long and my arms too short, but still manage to get the spot Wish the wheel would pop out a little more

Controls and instruments

Funky Radio controls in particular the Ipod is difficult to get around the menu easily Everything else you need time to adjust to the quirks

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