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Radio works but no sound from speakers

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2004 - 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor

Traded my \'01 f-150 for an \'04 endeavor for the wife to drive. Guy said he left the window down and it rained and the next day he could\'t roll any of the windows up or down and the radio/clock display didn\'t work power mirrors also gave out. I am fairly capable at doing my own repairs (just dropped a new motor in my new (to me) \'02 f-150 a few months back over a weekend). So I ended up doing some simple diagnostics on it and found the fuse in the hood fuse compartment for the radio was blown, I replaced it. Sure enough the radio and clock now work (can change stations am/fm ect.) but there is no sound from the speakers. I toyed with the wire harness in the drivers side door a bit (did not take panel off just josteling the wires around a little) and got some static sounds from the rear speakers. I\'m at a complete loss, I\'ve been over the owners manuel (which was completely useless btw, fuse diagrams did not even match what was in the car, not by a longshot) and I\'ve run my test light/multi tool over the wirse and am getting the correct volt/amp readings for the door (got the windows working as well). Am I missing something? Is the wire harness inside of the drivers door somehow connected to the radio? Or are the two problems unrelated and I\'m looking for a problem in the wrong place? I looked online and found some people had issues with the amps causing the speakers to not work but this is the basic version and has no amp. Any help appreciated.

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Response from Jonbrewnh

6:18 pm January 31, 2017

Check the grounds and try disconnect the speaker that may have gotten wet. Radios do fail and since you have a base model radio it makes replacment easier. Try CD player to see if it's just the tuner circuit of the radio.


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