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Passenger Air Bag Light

Ask the People Who Own One: photograph by Michael Karesh

2013 - 2015 Nissan Altima

I have a 2013 Altima coupe and a girl friend who weighs less than 100 pounds. The airbag ight will remain on when she is sitting in the car. I have taken the car back to the dealer several times and they tell me that the airbag checks out ok. I bought this car new and now have 21000 miles on it. It may be my imagination but it appears to me that the problem is getting worse as in when new the light would fail to go off 50% of the time now it's about 90% of the time. I told the dealer that I refuse to get a new girl friend that weighs more and if anything happens to the one I have because of the airbag failing to deploy I will hold them personally responsible.

What can I do to get this problem resolved?

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Response from Member5443

9:25 pm January 4, 2017

My Altima Coupe would do the same when my daughter was in the passenger seat. She's very light, so the light would behave differently depending on what she was wearing or whether she had a purse on her lap. I think your car is behaving normally. I would switch seats with your girlfriend to see what happens, just to be sure. Hope this helps.


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Response from Member6091

9:26 pm January 4, 2017

There was a mod issued by Nissan a couple of years ago to resolve issues with the passenger air bag sensors not detecting when the passenger seat was occupied. Suggest you check to see if this mod was carried out on this vehicle. It sounds to me as though perhaps it wasn't. On my Nissan they didn't get it right the first time and had to tweak it.


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Response from Member51

2:49 pm January 5, 2017

Response from Member51

2:53 pm January 5, 2017

I agree with Member6091,

This was a known issue for Nissan, where the airbag sensor would not activate the airbags when a person over 65 lbs sat in the seat. I had a similar issue with my 2014 Altima, except the light was off even when no one was in the seat. Now it is on unless someone that exceeds the 65 lbs sits there.

Contact another dealer or Nissan directly to get this resolved.


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Response from jimwavect

10:10 pm January 5, 2017

First thing you should do is plug your VIN number into this site to check for open recalls. This model has had more than one recall for this issue.


Mine still has to be checked, even though I haven't had any problems with it.


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