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Transmission Issues?

Ask the People Who Own One:

2010 - 2012 Nissan Altima

Has anyone with a 11/12 Altima coupe experienced any CVT related problems? I know the 11/12 Altima's powertrain warranty has ben extended to 100k miles. But I'm curious to know how solid the CVT on the 11/12 Altima's really are.

I'm looking to purchase a 2011Altima Coupe with 86,000 miles for about $9,000
Advice please :)

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Response from Member879

9:30 am December 12, 2016

We have a 2010 2.5S with 152k miles on it. We've kept up with the fluid changes and the CVT has been fine. I don't like it, but my wife put 150k miles on it before we passed it down to one of our children. Just make sure you use the proper fluid and it should give you good service.


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Response from AcuraT

11:01 am December 15, 2016

According to Consumer Reports, that model year in particular is pretty reliable. Everything listed is above average and the worst it gets on any measure is average. Overall it gets an above average rating.

Things that have some problems (score average) include:
Climate Control system
body Integrity (rattles)
Audio system

If you hear rattles in the test drive, then you know what you are in for. Brakes are no big deal as that probably means that the car may need more frequent brake pad replacement. Climate controls are of more concern as is the audio system to a lesser degree. Good luck.


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Response from hartgk6

8:50 pm April 16, 2017

Owneda 2011 Altama , At 235000 km the front carrier bearing failed . At 240000 km the transmission started to get very noisy .Two transmission shops said it needed to be replaced as they do not fix them This transmission was serviced on a regular basis with new NS 2 fluid at every 80000 km . and regularly checked for clean fluid and level as it still has a dipstick . A good car with very few other problems . Good engine and good fuel economy A very soft mushy ride and not great in crosswinds . Found it to be hard on tires as a result of a very soft suspention , but that is just my opinion . Transmissions should go the life of the car . My car before that was a Ford Mustang [ 5 L] . Went for 20 years and 650000Km . The salt truck won out in the end! Good luck


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