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Pontiac Vibe repairs by problem area

Engine (32%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (14%)

Suspension and Steering (10%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (26%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (7%)

Chart based on 542 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the Pontiac Vibe.

Pontiac Vibe engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (7%)

$500 - $999 (20%)

$100 - $499 (45%)

< $100 (27%)

Chart based on 141 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2010 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

132-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

48300 mi

US $44
Check engine light went on 

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2010 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

132-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

62000 mi

US $180
few seconds loud engine rattle on start up after setting an hour or so more so after cold engine. Dealer replace timing chain guides . Did not help . Dealer going to call GM technical help . 

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2009 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

1000 mi A surge when downshifting. I took it in to have the first TSB performed. It changed the problem a little, but didn't make it better. I took my Vibe to the dealer to have TSB #2 performed to correct the surge problem. It seems to have made it better, but did not eliminate it. 
53000 mi Check engine light and VSC dash warning light went on. Dealer stated the trouble code was for a small evaporation leak. A TSB instructed the tech to reflash the PCM which cleared the trouble code. 
53300 mi

US $537
Water pump leaking. Replaced water pump assembly. Valve cover gasket leaking. Replaced valve cover gasket. 
105000 mi

US $180
Doing an oil consumption check because of increased oil consumption. 
36000 mi

US $350
heat shield reattached,  computer malfunction -not fixed $800+ repair. also still have grinding noise when braking. 
4960 mi Harsh downshift when coming to a stop 
53940 mi

C $500
Water pump was leaking, removed/replaced. 
4340 mi The following service is required for 09 Vibe with 5sp Auto: Harsh Transmission Downshift When Stopping After Transaxle Has Upshifted to 4th or 5th Gear. Reprogramming PCM will fix the issue. 

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2009 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

27000 mi housing of thermostat-covered under gm warranty on powertrain-included 2 day free car rental. 
38300 mi gasket on water pump-covered under warranty 
72540 mi

C $160
The light came on to indicate a problem with the ECM. Took it in to the dealer for a diagnostic, and they had to update the module. 

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2009 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

132-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

57040 mi

C $45
Had to replace broken engine oil dipstick tube. Tube broke just above upper attachment and might be due to bad welds on the attention bracket. I have never had a dipstick tube fail before on any car I've owned. Not impressed. 
46000 mi Heat shield became loose. Muffler guy said the washer corroded. 
52700 mi

US $340
replaced water pump. 
123000 mi

US $150
Front exhaust donut flange removed (rusted) and replaced. Serpentine belt replaced. 

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2009 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

132-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

131860 mi Exhaust heat shield 
51760 mi

C $501
Car wouldn't start. Battery okay, but engine would not fire up. In the extreme cold, condensation had formed in the fuel system, and that plus old plugs were the cause. New plugs, injector cleaning and new fuel filter had the Vibe humming sweetly again. 
55800 mi

C $640
Water pump was leaking. New pump installed and a new serpentine belt installed at the same time. 
58900 mi

C $619
Ignition Coil failed Fuel Injector seals leaking. 
162200 mi

C $1200
cat converter needed to be replaced 
65000 mi Timing Gear actuator issue with Corolla engines. Actuator was replaced to stop the grinding noise at start up. 
87000 mi

US $400
OEM toyota (Corolla) water pump failed. Began making noises in cold weather. Diagnosed by mechanic after taking off serpentine belt and spinning the spindle by hand to hear the failed bearings inside. 
96700 mi

US $130
throttle body pids were recalibrated and plates were cleaned of carbon to try to eliminate a diving idle issue when coming to a complete stop. When bad, idle drops to 650 rpm instead of the normal 750 rpm. Cleaning solved some of the issue 
104000 mi

US $270
Idle dives below ideal level when coming to hard stops at stop signs. Issue is intermittent. Decided to have redesigned Toyota intake manifold (orange) and new PCV installed, as well as any observed carbon removed. Issue not fully resolved 
118420 mi There was the smell of gas coming into the interior of the car. I checked the lines and the gas tank but could not detect the leak. I traded the car in on a 2015 Volt! 
133920 mi

C $90
I changed purge canister. OBD didn't show right spot 
26660 mi

C $497
Water pump extremely noisy and was on verge of failure. Replaced water pump. Toyota T-SB-0362-09 explains the issue. Would have usually been covered under warranty but the vehicle hasn't been driven much and the warranty has expired. 

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2008 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

64000 mi

US $4
Check Engine light came on in below zero temperature. Used code reader and found code P0101 MAF sensor. Pulled the MAF sensor and cleaned using sensor cleaner solution. Car ran and idled smoother after the cleaning. 
82000 mi

US $30
There was a slight oil leak from the timing chain tensioner. Tensioner was replaced along with using Permatex gasket sealer. 
95000 mi

US $20
Timing chain tensioner is leaking. Tried to fix with new o-ring and gasket sealer. Part is still leaking. 

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2008 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

138000 mi

US $10
Intake manifold gasket replaced. Took less than and our and cost $10 
48000 mi

US $140
had to replace the tensioner and belt - belt was not bad but replaced anyway 
113640 mi

C $1250
Fuel pump failed while on highway without warning, resulting in engine stall and failure to start. Replaced fuel pump and flushed system. Limited parts availability required second day. 
123861 mi

C $1200
Fuel pump failed. Water pump was leaking. Dealer suggested replacement before complete failure. 
55180 mi Engine light 
67540 mi P0171 code. Reset with meter and now driving to reevaluate. 
68820 mi

C $10
P0171 code. Cleaned MAF sensor. If the code comes on again I will change the intake gasket. 

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2007 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

20000 mi ECM died 
48360 mi

C $326
We had another ignition coil replaced. Symptoms were hesitation in the motor. 
52000 mi Check engine light lead to dealership determining PCM was bad, and they decided to cover it at no charge since there is an upcoming recall. 
51000 mi

US $274
Diagnosed check engine light - emission control adjustments and parts 
115000 mi

US $175
Heat shield had broken loose and rattled--had it replaced. 
109580 mi

C $230
Changed the water pump due to worn out bearings 
116560 mi

C $620
The exhaust manifold was warped causing exhaust fumes to enter the interior of the car, particularly when the car was started. 
30000 mi Car completely lost power on the freeway. Dealer said entire computer was defective and replaced it.  
209300 mi

US $200
Replacement of Spark Plug Cables 

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2006 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

17980 mi Engine not heating properly on cold winter days (-15C or below). Looks like a weak thermostat to me as the temp gauge hovers for several miles / minutes before finally reaching normal operating temp. Dealer tested on a warm winter day and said "no probl 
78000 mi Recall notice for the PCM, also noticed that the car would hesitate intermittenly during startup on occasion. No trouble since taking it to the dealer. 
95000 mi

US $350
Radiator fan was wobbling and grating against the radiator intermittently (esp. when AC was on). They replaced the fan motor. That fixed it. 
134000 mi

US $65
Check engine light was on. Computer code said fuel mix was lean. They cleaned a filter and that fixed it. 
137700 mi

US $300
Problem from Nov. returned. PCV valve replaced and other fuel service performed. Problem solved. 
108700 mi

US $575
Fuel system vapor recirculation assembly. 
156000 mi

US $70
Check engine light was coming on when driving on wet roads. The insulation on the sensor wires failed and allowed water to short out the sensor. 
17000 mi SES Light stayed on. Trans was banging into gear esp. Reverse. Checked codes P2716 stored and current. PIP4154A States to replace PCM if ckts check ok. Checked PC Solenoid ckts - ok. Replaced PCM and programmed. CODE FDFD4 (under warranty). 
27000 mi

US $250
During routine inspection and 30,000 mile maintenance, mechanic spotted an oil leak which led to needing a new oil pan gasket. 
26000 mi Check engine light came on although car ran OK. Dealer diagnosed and ordered an Oxygen sensor, which was backordered. I will have to take the car back when the part comes in. 
27000 mi Check engine light came on in December (previously reported here). Dealer had to order an oxygen sensor. The sensor was successfully installed in January. 
27000 mi Check engine light came on. The dealer said an intake gasket was "sucking air", causing dirty air to make the check engine light come on. They replaced the gasket under the factory warranty. 
51000 mi Check engine light came on. Dealer said they need to replace the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). They said it could also be a transmission problem (the code indicated that.) They replaced the PCM as a first step and said to monitor it. 
178000 mi

US $300
Car would start with shaking and shuddering. Check engine light appeared. Diagnostics determined valve cover gasket leaking oil, causing spark plugs to misfire. Valve cover gasket and spark plugs replaced. Oil changed. 
199700 mi

US $900
Check engine light on, codes for transmission and catalytic converter. Replaced catalytic converter. 
23068 mi Bad PCM (Powertrain Control Module). Module was replaced under warranty by a Pontiac dealer. 
132000 mi catalactic converter was replaced 
31000 mi The check engine light was on and the dealer said the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve had to be replaced. 
74000 mi

US $653
O2 sensor replaced. Spark plugs wires replaced. 
20000 mi Replaced Powertrain Control Module.  
212500 mi Powertrain Control Module (PTM) under recall finally failing. Turn the key and a second goes by without car attempting to start. Getting to where it wouldn't start in cold. Engine light came on en route to dealership. Running rough. 
82500 mi

US $26
While having new tires installed, shop commented that serpentine belt showed a lot of cracking, so I bought a new belt and installed it myself. 
83700 mi

US $200
Replaced original intake manifold gasket with updated silicone version to eliminate CEL during cold weather. 
70700 mi

US $130
Replaced the serpentine belt which was extremely worn. 

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2005 Pontiac Vibe

Engine not specified

51000 mi I felt a kind of "roll" under the accelerator pedal sometimes but ignored this until using cruise control a couple months ago and the car speeded up and slowed down on me. I thought this would end up a costly "Toyota" mystery problem so got rid of it. 

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2005 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

93000 mi

US $80
Exhaust broke in half at weld by rear axle Intake manifold gasket failed, causing rough idle and check engine light in below freezing temperatures when car was partially warmed up. 
79360 mi

C $20
Oil pressure sending unit was leaking. Replaced the sending unit myself inexpensively. 
86360 mi

C $1500

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2005 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

78000 mi

US $49
Check Engine light - Diagnosed as loose fuel cap. Light reset and has not come back on. Paid $49 for diag and reset. 
120000 mi

US $495
Engine running lean. Replaced spark plugs (first ever), replaced exhaust manifold gasket, cleaned fuel system. 
115500 mi

US $150
Exhaust pipe rusted out right before the muffler connection. Replaced pipe between catalytic converter and muffler. 
62000 mi

US $500
Fuel pump went out. Replaced. 
90000 mi Timing chain makes noise. Either the chain or tensioner needs replacing. 
179000 mi

US $9
Rough idle due to dirty MAF sensor. Bought can of appropriate cleaner, used as directerd, and car is back to normal. 
137300 mi

US $780
Leaking timing chain seal, replaced seal and tensioner 
64660 mi

C $8
Intake manifold gasket 
68380 mi

C $100
Water pump leaking and bearings were shot (very louding 'marbles in a can' noise) 
98000 mi

US $400
While driving I felt a small vibration emanating from the car every time I pressed on the accelerator. I took the car to my mechanic for diagnostic test and discovered 2 bad ignition coils.  And head gasket needed to be replaced. 
110000 mi

US $524
Engine light remained on while driving. My mechanic performed a diagnostic test and found out the catalytic converter was malfunctioning and needed to be replace. 
85000 mi

US $600
Powertrain control module needed to be replaced. 
86000 mi

US $477
Evap canister vac pump 
131000 mi

US $10
leaking intake manifold gasket per Toyota TSB-EG045-07. Replaced intake gasket, throttle body gasket and replace serpentine belt 
19000 mi Engine has a "hot start" clatter when sitting for 15-25 min. Dealer could not duplicate because they didn't let it sit for the 15-25 Min. time reguired. 
51000 mi

US $145
light indicated engine problem but problem was that the gas cap needed to be replaced. 

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2005 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

118-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic AWD

69440 mi

C $90
Service engine light was on at times and reset by code reader. The codes displayed over two week period were P0134 - several times, P0138 once, P0130 once, P0133 twice. Replaced the upstream oxygen sensor on the manifold with Denso 234-4801 
75800 mi

C $120
The worn/broken gasket, rusted bolts and springs were replaced at the engine manifold and the start of exhaust pipe. 
88660 mi

C $51
Replaced thermostat and gasket. 
94860 mi

C $565
The exhaust manifold developed a crack and could not be repaired. Replaced the piece that includes both the exhaust manifold and catalytic convertor with a piece from a recycle site and new gaskets for both ends from the dealer. 
95000 mi

US $20
Oil Dipstick broke off just above where it is bolted on the engine from vibration 

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2004 Pontiac Vibe

Engine not specified

127100 mi

C $500
O2 sensor pre-catalytic converter 

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2004 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed manual FWD

154000 mi

US $1500
Head gasket went bad. 

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2004 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

130-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

79360 mi Check engine light comes on during cold weather -10C, code "engine lean". Light will clear itself if car is operated in +5C weather. Could be the O2 sensor, but I suspect an engine vacuum leak. Check out the Toyota TSB #04507. 

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2004 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

130-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

108000 mi

US $26
Timing chain tensioner leaking 
147000 mi

US $70
Error Code P0446, advised it could be canister assembly, vacuum switch and or PCM update. Replaced gas cap against advice... problem has not reoccurred in 90 miles and passed emissions check. 
153700 mi

US $20
Check engine light came back on with the P0446 code after ~900 miles of driving. Bought a reader and the following codes are currently displaying: P0446, P0442, P0441. Have not decided on a fix yet. 
160000 mi

US $838
Engine check light for P0442 & P0446. Replaced Diaphragm on canister vent solenoid and cracked vacuum lines. Replaced EVAP CANISTER. Due to engine smell when using heat, repaired hole in resonator pipe behind catalytic converter. 
121820 mi

C $150
small leak. Small part replaced. Will see if leak continues on next oil change. 
48980 mi

C $160
check engine light came on - problem seemed to be associated with gas cap - now non existant 
471180 mi

US $136
Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) malfunctioned. Purchased new part for $135.67, including MI sales tax. Part installed myself. 
68000 mi No cabin heat just blew cold air!! Blowers & a/c ok. Coolant low-added 3cps & some heat. Hard to check coolant lvl (no dipstick).Shop back flushed it twice. Tried everything. Mystery difficulty getting air out of engine had to burp itůmaybe air bubble?? 
95500 mi Check Engine Light warninglight came on. Mechanic said code was emission related oxygen sensors so I drove it for a few days and the light did not come back on. Still I had it replaced less than $100. No problems since. 
100000 mi Check Engine light alert. Mechanic read code as emission item "oxygen sensor circuit slow response bank 1 sensor 1". Decided to clear code & take no action. No charge to read code since I get oil changed there. Light stayed off since. 
133567 mi

US $320
Replaced intake manifold gasket due to persistent error codes and check engine lights. Flushed cooling system. This trip also included oil change and tire rotation. 
142000 mi

US $750
P0496 code. Replaced fuel tank cap on my own. The code reappeared in 2 days. Mechanic tested on the "smoke machine" and replaced valve and charcoal cylinder. 
148700 mi

US $265
Gasket to exhaust manifold replaced 
35960 mi Replace O2 sensor under warranty. 
78120 mi Every winter since I've had this vehicle, the engine light comes on when it gets to below -10C outside. It it always the same code (O2 sensor slow response). When spring comes, I reset the engine light and I'm good to go until next yr. 
84940 mi

C $10
Replace intake manifold gasket to hopefully resolve check engine light coming on in cold weather. Issue has been happening intermittently since 2006 when the dealer replace the o2 sensor. 
127000 mi NOT WARRANTY -- Replaced upper & lower radiator hoses;  replaced PCV valve. 

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2004 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

123-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic AWD

28000 mi

US $882
Broken tailpipe at joint to muffler. 
27274 mi

US $1100
The exhaust pipe sheared flush with the muffler clamp that holds the ball joint. This should be a $175 repair maximum on any car I've ever owned(as well as on the FWD Vibes). If you live where you need AWD prepare to pay $3K for exhausts by 100K 
124800 mi

US $5
Replaced intake manifold gasket. 

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2003 Pontiac Vibe

Engine not specified

247000 mi

US $180
Overheating. Radiator clamp loose. Replaced. 

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2003 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed manual FWD

157700 mi

US $150
Fuel began leaking from the fuelrail, which I had replaced. 
143000 mi

US $60
O2 sensor after catalytic converter tripped check engine light. Not broken, but not optimal. 
130000 mi

US $100
Replaced bad ignition coil. Bad coil caused car to buck and stall. 
164500 mi

US $200
Replaced both O2 sensors. 
178000 mi

US $9
Broken automatic control valve wire. Replace oxygen sensor. 
224000 mi

US $30
Check engine light for evap emission system. I replaced the cannister with a used one and it is working fine 

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2003 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

130-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

110000 mi

US $1000
Clutch had to be replaced 
123000 mi

US $75
replaced intake manifold gasket. 
112000 mi

US $950
Oil pan gasket repaired 
188000 mi

US $500
Muffler disconnected from engine 
202700 mi

US $300
Exhaust system replaced to pass emissions. Catalytic Converter was integrated into system, did not want to get into cutting and welding. Replaced exhaust sensors as well 
134000 mi

US $125
Accessory belt tensioner was making noise. Replaced belt tensioner, belt was changed at 108,000 miles. Part was $125 after taxes from Autozone. Repair took about three hours, mainly due to limited tools. 

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2003 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

130-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

152300 mi Ran Sea Foam in the oil, drained, added .25qt more than the factory specs, seems like there is a FSB on that extra oil. I did check it recently and it seems to be using about .5qts per 1000 miles, which I can live with at 152K miles. 
156300 mi

US $25
accessory belt 
111000 mi

US $60
Down stream O2 sensor was replaced. 
117300 mi

US $1000
Converter was replaced, causing MIL. Intake gasket worn out causing air leakage. Gasket was replaced. 
95000 mi

US $141
Steady check engine light for last year and a half, ran great, good mileage, not critical. I work at a GM dealer, had it scanned at work, #2 O2 sensor, replaced - light out for emission inspection.  Light back on a week later, evap. problem, won't fix now. 
105400 mi

C $12
replaced intake manifold gasket. known problem with these cars (rough idle specially in the winter). 
85000 mi

US $10
Gross oil leak at timing chain tensioner o-ring. Remove and repair with RTV. 
87000 mi

US $20
Previous repair of cracked exhaust intermediate pipe had rusted out. The original problem occurred about 3 years ago. 
135000 mi

US $170
Universal joint on exhaust rusted away and needed to be replaced on an emergency basis. 
152700 mi

US $600
Also scheduled a new CAT but that hasn't been put on yet. 
154000 mi Needed a new CAT at about 153,000 miles. We would still have this car, but the electrical system was damaged in a car/deer accident and no wiring harnesses are available anywhere in the US. Odd parts are hard to find. 
155000 mi

US $250
Belt tensioner worn. Replaced belt and tensioner with new parts. 
150300 mi

US $300
Leaking Oil Pan Gasket.  
130600 mi

C $200
serpentine belt was cracked, so it was replaced 
110980 mi

C $350
Noise from Manifold & Drive clean test 
62000 mi

C $145
Faulty timing chain tensioner. Replaced. 
74400 mi

C $340
Exhaust leaks 
168700 mi

US $20
Code P0171 - when cold and accelerating - Found intake gasket dry and brittle. Replaced intake gasket with new design. 
178000 mi

US $20
Valve cover gasket leaking. Replaced valve cover gasket. 
181000 mi

US $600
Catalytic conv replaced 

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2003 Pontiac Vibe 4dr Hatch

123-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic AWD

86800 mi

C $450
catalytic blocked. Changes for a used one. 
191700 mi

US $425
Radiator replaced. 

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