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2008 Saturn Outlook repairs by problem area

Engine (0%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (27%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (22%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (41%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (0%)

Other (6%)

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Chart based on 308 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Saturn Outlook.

2008 Saturn Outlook suspension repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (3%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (19%)

< $100 (64%)

Chart based on 58 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2010 Saturn Outlook

Engine not specified

60000 mi Car went in for a routine oil change and they told me my torque tube needed to be replaced along with a right front strut. Car went in for oil change and I told them about a rattle in the front 

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2010 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual RWD

56000 mi

US $60
iphone 5 does not charge from the center console usb port - reports incompatability 
65000 mi Replaced engine mount 
65500 mi

US $100
Leak in evaporator core-replaced. Job was $2200 but covered under extended warranty 
76000 mi

US $100
Ventilation blend door actuator failure 
81000 mi

US $100
Heard a rattle at low speeds. Exploratory surgery led to virtually all of front suspension being replaced 

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2009 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed manual FWD

8060 mi Transmission slips and engine revs up and then down again occasionally on 1-2 upshift only. The dealer re-programmed the transmission computer. I noticed the problem a few more times, then it went away. Chrome ferrule just below transmission shift lever knob slipped down, exposing wiring. Dealer glued back up in place. Automatic climate control does not switch automatically from heating to air conditioning when vehicle interior heats up. Air conditioning works only when selected manually. 
11780 mi As reported earlier, engine revs rise momentarily on 1-2 upshift only. 
12400 mi Noticed rasping noise and increased effort when turning steering wheel. Dealer repaired leak at power steering fluid cooler. 

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2009 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual RWD

35300 mi Both front seats had bumpy forward and reverse travel. Dealer replaced liftgate struts, liftgate would not stay up on its own. 
60000 mi

US $300
Power Steering pump failed Friday evening 8 Mar. Power steering pump is being replaced. Misfire on Cylinder #3. Engine was stuttering a little at highway speeds 55-60 going uphill under load. When hooked up to scan tool, bargraph tool found cylinder #3 misfiring, but not enough times to trip a fault code.Coil pack & Plug bad 
61000 mi

US $55
Misfire on a different cylinder. Personally replaced remaining spark plugs. Cylinder 3 was replaced last visit due to misfire. Just finished the replacement 45 days later. 
65000 mi

US $100
Heater hose engine block fittings cracked, leaking.  Also timing chain cover had an oil leak. 
69500 mi Water pump was changed due to a leak. It was still under 12 month part warranty, water pump was changed for a leak December of last year. 
79000 mi

US $43
Engine misfire upon highway load. Triggered cylinder #4 misfire engine code p0304. Removed and replaced coil pack #4. 
2000 mi Have lift in garage. In looking underneath vehicle noticed ALL the support rods for the exhaust system coated in rust. The exhaust itself (stainless) pretty rust free except the seam around both resonators (have the dual exhaust version). 
3000 mi In dash navigation screen would black out. Dealer ordered upgraded software for the nav system. Returned to dealer within 5 days and nav system software upgraded (roughly 30 minutes). Dead battery (in my garage). Jumped it and drove to my dealer (excellent dealer [Saturn of Lakeside]). TSB #09-06-03-002E: EI09060 reprogrammed the Instrument Panel Cluster (corrected too large of a drain on the battery). Replaced battery as well 
10000 mi The driver's side height adjustable plastic housing for the safety belt. The belt, over time, cut into the plastic housing. There was a running design change for the '09s and mine had it, but because it was set for my wife (low), I wore it out. 
15000 mi Incurred a "no start" Memorial weekend. Had no power to start. All the vehicle would do is click once. This "no start" happened to me back in December of '09 also. Dealer reprogrammed the instrument panel cluster. 
19000 mi This no-start could not be duplicated (kept overnight and a loaner was provided). Service Manager @ Lakeside Saturn in Macomb, MI determined if this should happen again to flat bed it in as codes were cleared when I jump started her. 
27000 mi This was a GM Customer Satisfaction Program. Premature timing chain wear. The Dealer changed the calibration of the Engine Control Module (ECM), including the Engine Oil Life Monitor (OLM). This doesn't bode well for a long term owners.  
36700 mi My Saturn came equipped with power, heated and auto dimming outside mirrors. The passenger mirror pivoting point apparently was wearing as the mirror head could rock forward and backward. The dealer confirmed and replaced w/new mirror. 
52000 mi

US $115
Complete steering rack was replaced under my purchased entended bumper to bumper warranty. I had a deductible of $100.00 plus I paid for a routine oil and filter change of $14.97 (I supply the Pennzoil Platinum oil). 
57000 mi

US $100
Factory Nav radio had to be replaced. Attempt to watch a DVD was followed by the display "DISC ERROR". Factory overhead DVD is just a display. Tech identified radio as bad. Replaced radio under extended warranty. 
65000 mi Water Pump failed (was leaking antifreeze on the garage floor). Car never overheated. A check with Moran Chevrolet in Clinton Township, MI showed GM issued a policy #13091 on water pumps for my Saturn extending the life to 10 years/120K 
15000 mi Steering knocking sound when moved right to left on start up in morning when temperature is below 55 degrees or less. Goes away after being driven for a mile or so 
8000 mi Bumpy forward and backward travel on the power driver's seat. New tracks ordered. Replaced defective tracks for forward/backward travel on driver's power seat 
13000 mi Clunk in steering and accelerator while turning wheel left and right. Dealer claims problem in rack, but no fix available. 
17000 mi Clunk in steering. Can feel in steering wheel and accelerator while turning wheel left and right. There is a TSB #10-02-32-001: Clunk or Knock Noise When Turning (Replace Steering Gear Bushing) - (Apr 14, 2010) But dealer replaced entire rack due to a... 
18300 mi Clunk in steering. Can feel in steering wheel and accelerator while turning wheel left and right. Dealer replaced part of steering column. 
24000 mi Wiring harness on passenger side replaced after 3 lamps have failed in 19 months of ownership. 
30000 mi Rattle in center console of dash. Replaced center storage lid. 
36000 mi Driver's side headlamp would go out intermittently. 
38000 mi

US $330
Cylinder was misfiring. Replaced spark plug and coil on cylinder 5. 
42300 mi

US $395
Cylinder was misfiring. Replaced spark plug and coil on cylinder 3. 
66000 mi

US $1000
replaced coils and spark plugs on 3 cylinders 

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2008 Saturn Outlook

Engine not specified

113700 mi Water pump failure covered under extended special warranty due to non durable design. 
122000 mi

US $600
Power steering cooler had a major sudden failure, losing all fluid and wrecking the pump and steering rack. Car had to be towed. Repair covered under OEM extended defect warranty due to poor design. Would have been $1500 if covered by owner. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed manual FWD

8000 mi Sunroof leaking, glass and seal were replaced. Haven't had leaking since. 
12000 mi Rattle in dashboard and headliner. 
24000 mi Clicking noise heard upon turning steering wheel and hitting bumps. Steering column and upper strut mounts replaced. Noises are no longer heard. 
30000 mi Noticed whine in power steering pump. Power steering fluid was low, no leaks found. 
38000 mi Grinding noise while turning, dealer replaced steering gear and tie rods. TSB. Power steering and transmission cooler had leaking hoses, hoses replaced. 
35700 mi Driver side headlight harness replaced. 
39000 mi Passenger side front headlight out. Harness replaced. 
69000 mi

US $212
Heard rattle when going over bumps 
12000 mi Drivers side power seat would grind/jump when adjusting the seat forward or backward - repaired in November 2008. The dealer took care of it under warranty by replacing the power seat track, took a week to get the part from GM. Installed new seat track. 
18000 mi The transmission (as programmed by GM) has a tendency to delay downshifts which leads to "dead spots" while trying to accelerate under light throttle. GM has a TSB for this and a new program that corrects this complaint. I learned about it online. The center arm-rest squeaks when driving. Dealer won't fix it - they say that GM's warranty does not cover squeaks and rattles of interior trim pieces. 
27000 mi Loud buzzing noise was noticed when driving during light acceleration. Dealer replaced a heat shield and the y-pipe to correct the problem. 
33000 mi Service air bag warning light and message on instrument cluster. Saturn dealer performed a TSB involving adding dielectric compound to a connector under the seat. This temporarily fixed the problem for less than a week. 
33700 mi Service air bag warning light back on less than one week after prior trip in December. Brought it to a different dealer in January (Chevrolet dealer - Saturn dealer is gone). Took 4 days to diagnose, then replaced connector under drivers seat. 
34300 mi Took to Chevy dealer (Saturn dealer closed) for a clunking noise in the steering rack observed only when cold. Dealer says that GM is developing a TSB to repair, and that it's not a safety issue. Dealer will call back when GM provides the TSB. 
41000 mi Air bag warning light came on a few times during a trip. Dealer states that they could not replicate and no codes were stored, even though On-Star was able to tell me the code when I called them. 
46000 mi Noticed coolant leaking from the front of the engine while idling. Dealer diagnosed and replaced water pump under 5/100k power train warranty. 
47000 mi

US $1175
Clunk in the steering when cold. Dealer replaced steering rack at no charge under Saturn extended warranty.  
51000 mi

US $175
Shaking and excessive bouncing noticed when going over bumps or at highway speed. Found that the right rear shock absorber was leaking fluid. Part not covered under extended warranty so I purchased and replaced both rear shocks myself.  
6000 mi There was a leak in the master cylinder so it was losing brake fluid. The alarm for the stabilitrack system would go off and it would say to have the brakes serviced. They just filled the brake fluid the first 2 times it happened. 3rd time it was fixed. There was a rattle in the vent. They discovered broken parts inside somewhere and had to order parts. It was repaired in June. 
6000 mi There was a flaw in the paint of the right back quarter panel. They repainted it. Rattle repaired. 
10000 mi Water leaking in down passenger seat belt and around that area. When fixing the leak, they had to pry off two small pieces in the molding that holds seatbelt. They scratched it all up when taking them off. They ordered and replaced the section the seatbelt rolls up into. When turning the steering wheel there is clicking noises. Not sure if it comes from the steering wheel or if it's something in the suspension or somewhere that would be effected when turning. 
34000 mi Mildew smell from AC evaporator. Injected cleaning foam into evaporator, re-flashed software to incorporate "after-blow" feature. 
36000 mi water pump failed after 2-3 weeks of noisey operation driver's seat track needed to be replaced. Was binding and chattering when moved backwards. 
36000 mi Airbag warning light. Illuminated for ~1 week. Light extinguished itself on the day repair was scheduled, but dealer pulled code and confirmed there was a problem with the driver airbag connectors. TSB was also issued for the Monte Carlo 
40300 mi Passenger window switch was intermittant. Dealer replaced. 
61000 mi

US $50
Clunk in steering column while turning steering wheel. Most noticeable when vehicle not (yet) moving--as if you were turning the wheel in anticipation of (parallel) parking. Steering column and rack both replaced. 
65000 mi Buzz has developed in drive train. Dealer unable to identify. Kept car for 2-days and it still buzzes (1600-1800rpm) once warmed up. I will take to a 3rd party transmission repair specialist to diagnose/repair. 
67000 mi After 3rd attempt to locate buzz/rattle, a Cadillac technician ID'd the culprit. It was an undersized clamp installed on the catalytic converter which was causing the buzzing noise. Problem fixed so far (>2200-miles since repair). 
77000 mi Replaced struts and stabilizer bar links. Steering rack was replaced (2nd time), since original dealer did not replace washers/shims when the first rack was replaced. 
93700 mi

US $548
Replaced both rear shocks and stabilizer links. 
104000 mi

US $935
Passenger front seat airbag weight sensor failed. 
24000 mi I had the saturn parked on hill & it kept rolling in park. I had to put the parking brake on to keep it from rolling down the hill. Dealer could not find anything wrong & it never did it again. 
28000 mi both rear shocks leaking 
35000 mi front gasket leaking oil torque converter leaking radio had poor reception & interference 
41000 mi

US $825
steering rack was leaking fluid, it had to be replaced. 
45300 mi exhaust system rusted out, replaced gaskets 
55000 mi LH axle seal leaking 
64000 mi sway bar links bad 
39000 mi

US $90
Car stalled at stop sign and displayed 2 warning messages "Traction Control Off" and "Service Stabilitrack Soon." Messages disappeared after driving a few miles. Dealer found no codes and could not repeat problem. Problem repeated... 
50000 mi

US $597
Replaced water pump, leaking coolant from weep hole, seal had gone bad causing fluid leak. Replaced water pump and serpentine belt. 
51000 mi

US $300
Warning said "Traction Control Offline" & "Service Stabilitrack Soon." Dealer said warning caused by cam position sensors and repairs would cost over $1000. Independent service station found problem with brake sensor. Repairs cost $300. 
64500 mi Check Engine Light on. Transmission would not shift. Local shop reported fault code P0716, Input Speed Performance fault. Car still under warranty so I took it to dealer. Dealer corrected wrong software in computer and found no problem. Transmission failed at 6:15 AM Tuesday. Towed truck to dealer, found codes P0717, P0756, P0796, & P0842 in computer and metal pieces in transmission fluid. Found 3-5-R wave plate in pieces. Rebuilt transmission, replaced torque converter. Replaced rack & pinion assembly due to large oil leak and whining noise. 
67300 mi Transmission failed. Towed to dealer, dealer rebuilt transmission, 3 weeks later transmission would not shift. Dealer spent 2 weeks trying various fixes. Finally replaced torque converter and valve assembly and calls it fixed. We'll see 
70000 mi

US $525
Right front brake caliper failed causing break pad to lock in on position. Repair required new calipers, pads and rotors on the front. 
75700 mi Torque converter locking up caused car to shutter during low speed acceleration. Dealer verified problem and, after multiple failed repair attempts, dealer and GM replaced transmission with new transmission and rebuilt transaxle. 
90500 mi

US $1000
Torque Converter failed and was replaced. Partial warranty coverage but most cost excluded due to "wear & tear." 
96000 mi Transfer Case making noise Rack & Pinion in Power Steering leaking, would cost $1,200 to $2,000 to repair this and replace the transfer case, traded car. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

13000 mi steering column clunk brake pedal squeak-----installed updated brake fluid trim on rear hatch was damaged by water drivers seat lumbar mech. was replaced  
14000 mi Updated trans cal. to may 8th flash 
31000 mi Power Steering Cooler was leaking. 
62000 mi Replaced front stab. bar links 
107000 mi

US $300
replaced power steering pump and R/Front strut asm. 
39000 mi

US $127
Tortion bar links?? 
54300 mi Parking brake light comes on while driving along with warning chime. Does not stop until I pull over, park, push in parking brake, release parking brake. Starts up again with in 10 minutes. 
56000 mi

US $300
Motor went out in the passanger side front door. A week after repair, stopped working again. Had to run a new wire. 
64000 mi Passenger window not working again. No repair yet. 
68700 mi Wiring for power windows broken in the boots between the door and vehicle. windows not working. water inside drivers side passenger door. no sun roof. not sure how water got in there. 
72000 mi

US $235
Replaced a part due to air conditioner blowing hot air. Fan was also running funny. 
77000 mi

US $1800
3-5-R wave plate broke. Replaced with a brand new transmission. 
84000 mi

US $60
Say bar link on the passenger side broke. Replaced rear springs and shocks, replaced from struts. 
104300 mi Dealer replaced Power steering pump under recall/TSB due too power steering going out under low speeds. 
67000 mi noise in front end slight metallic noise in front end at about 30mph They replaced sway control arm on driver side It took care of the problem !! 
84000 mi noise in front end- this is the second time this was replaced 
6000 mi Brought in to dealer for oil change and was told of transmission update that needed to be done. Also, guy drove it and noticed slow pickup on it and suggested update of software. 
17000 mi Headlight needed changing. Was told bumper had to come off in order to replace bulb. Dealer replaced bulb and inside where the bulb goes. Mechanic said he heard "popping" when wheel turned. Ordered parts. 
31000 mi One of the side panels had been sliced. 
35000 mi Left panel in trunk kept coming off.  There are small scratches on the tint on driver side door. They said it is not from the door, so we must have done it. They noted it and I said if I noticed new ones I would be bringing it back for them to repair under warrienty. Sunroof leaking. Repaired and isn't leaking any more. 
42000 mi Headlights keep going out. No warranty anymore. Looked online, many have this same issue. Hopefully Saturn issues a recall. 
45000 mi Headlight melted on the inside. At first they told me I would have to pay, but I fought it and they paid and repaired at no charge. 
70000 mi Car was not shifting internally properly. Would rev up when driving. airbag light on and off intermittently. 
85000 mi

US $1600
ABS, stability control. Forget specifics. 
4960 mi "Air Bag" tab on passenger side A pillar would not stay in. Dealer fixed it but also ordered a new handle (not the door handle, the "holy s---" handle on the A pillar. 
8680 mi Console arm rest would squeak when you rested your arm on it. 
19220 mi Squeaky break pedal. Service Bulletin already existed - dealer changed brake fluid type. Shock oil leak in rear driver side shock. Complete loss of damping - tire loses contact with road surface over large bumps. Dealer ordered replacement shock. 
20460 mi Driver's side rear shock replaced - leaking oil. Airbag tab replaced 
35960 mi

C $60
Cracked valve stem causing slow leak and low air pressure warning 
37820 mi Tie rods worn out, replaced.  AC drainage backing up, draining into passenger side footwell. Shop cleaned drainage hose. 
47740 mi Replaced rear hatch struts 
50840 mi Sun roof drain hose blockage - repaired as per TSB Left headlight harness faulty - new harness installed 
55360 mi

C $150
Valve stem broken 
67780 mi Timing chain / bolts broken. Water pump leak 
85540 mi

C $300
Rust perforation on lip of hood. Affected area was too large to effectively repair - GM replaced entire hood. 
87420 mi

C $600
Power steering oil cooler leaking - cooler was replaced. 
99160 mi

C $800
Check engine light on - dealer updated software & performed oil change (truck had been in storage for 1 yr) Broken linkage 
54000 mi

US $250
Front stabilizer bar and bushings needed to be replaced. 
21700 mi Power Steering Cooler Leak - Replaced 
30340 mi Saturn Emblem on Liftgate Discoloured Check Engine Light and Thick White Smoke on first startup of the day. Dealer waiting on special tool to diagnose. Cyclinder head on engine replaced as head rocker cams out of spec. Timing chain also replaced. Rear Liftgate Emblem replaced 
31640 mi Cylinder head on engine replaced as head rocker cams out of spec. Timing chain also replaced. Rear Liftgate Emblem replaced SES light on and smelly thick exhaust on startup. Tech determined that the right catalytic converter had failed. Converter replaced, repair successfull. 
34060 mi Passenger air bag sensor was not consistently detecting Adult passengers in passenger seat. Dealer diagnosed and found problem with airbag seat sensor. Sensor on order. 
42160 mi

C $337
Swaybar links loose - replaced. Headlight harness recall. The headlight had gone out for a second time, the recall was very timely. 
55200 mi Transmission wave plate broken. Many parts in transmission replaced. 
58920 mi Sway bar link loose. Replaced under parts warranty (replaced less than 1 year prior). 
94040 mi

C $20
Evap. Solenoid failed, replaced. 
104780 mi

C $200
Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Failure. Right Rear Wheel Bearing Hub had to be replaced. Rear end loudly squeaking over bumps and if bumper pushed down. Right rear upper trailing arm replaced and alignment performed. Both rear brake backing plates corroded through / rotting. Replaced left and right backing plates, as well as left wheel bearing which disintegrated upon removal to replace the backing plate. Vehicle started making high pitch whine with electrical burning smell. BATTERY SAVER ACTIVE message came on.rnrnDiagnosed as Alternator internal fault. Generator (Alternator) replaced. Climate control buttons "peeling / flaked". Climate control panel replaced. 
108480 mi

C $150
Windsheild Wipers stoped working. Wiper transmission failed - part replaced. 
110360 mi

C $100
Remote unlock on one remote no longer functioning. Button had worn out - remote replaced and new remote paired to vehicle. 
114080 mi

C $200
Radio and reminder chimes started getting progressively fainter until it was determined 4 of the 6 speakers in the vehicle were no longer working. The 4 in-door speakers were replaced which restored audio to normal functioning. 
120900 mi

C $300
Transmission cooler line leaking. . Line replaced. 
124000 mi

C $200
Right rear shock leaking. . Replaced both rear shocks. 
126480 mi

C $100
Front windshield washer not spraying washer fluid. Pump bad, replaced pump. AC Blowing hot air. Recharged AC System. AC would intermittently blow cold air, but unpredictably and unreliably. HVAC blend actuators found to be bad - replaced actuators. 
128380 mi

C $150
Muffler Rusted Through. Replaced Muffler Assembly. Transmission intermittently not shifting beyond first gear. Problem determined to be faulty Transmission Control Module (TCM) sensors. TCM removed and sensors repaired, then re-installed. 
134740 mi

C $500
Replaced worn front struts and end links 
137600 mi

C $11000
Engine had lost compression in 3 cylanders. Replaced Engine. 
27000 mi noise in steering column however further diagnosis proved to be rack boot 
38000 mi Found blown fuse to remedy no DRL 
51000 mi 3/5 R wave plate, no reverse on vehicle repaired according to service bulletin published 
59300 mi

US $1451
Water pump replaced, engine front cover leak, transmission seal replaced from prior repair 
74000 mi

US $50
Replaced blower motor 
77000 mi Battery draining, not certain if alternator shot or on way out, replaced it, trying to test old one. Changed plugs and serpentine belt as well plugs really fouled used AC Delco iridiums as replacements. 
78000 mi Front speakers bad, replaced with speakers from a Toyota Camry I had 
80000 mi

US $200
Cracked windshield, no sign of impact, had to replace it to pass inspection. 
93000 mi

US $20
Purge valve replacement, experienced hard start after adding any amount of gas 
97000 mi

US $150
Muffler replacement 
168000 mi Power Steering pump leaking- this is the 2nd time having this replaced (First time around 110K) 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed automated manual RWD

9000 mi Recall for trans reflash. Dealer could not locate reflash file on computer. Phone inquiry two weeks later got same result. 
14000 mi XM receiver signal dropouts, excessive touch sensitive screen finger pressure required, day/night display switching erratic, radio played music while turned off. 
17000 mi Sudden transmission failure. Would not shift after stop. Diagnostic result: 'No 3rd gear'. Dealer found internal debris & stuck valves. Repaired per mfgr direction, dealer replaced piece parts (valves, seals, ...). 
24000 mi Water leaking into passenger compartment. Repeat of 9/08 problem. Repeat of the water leak problem. 
32000 mi

US $600
Rear hatchback would not stay open. Would drift partially closed over time. Replaced both side struts. Very loud "groaning" sound while driving. Two occasions lasting for ~10 sec. Traced to air in power steering line. Flushed and refilled line. 
22000 mi rear wiper replaced 
55000 mi leak in drive train 
64500 mi

US $16
tire pressure sensor 
68000 mi

US $10
Low on steering fluid 
82000 mi leaking water pump 
14300 mi Power Steering fluid cooler leaking. 
19000 mi

US $700
Brakes noisy when applied hard or on a downgrade, and left rear wheel hot gets to the touch. Found all four rotors to be badly rusted and pitted, and caliper brackets rusted. Replaced all rotors and pads, and lubricated all slides. 
36000 mi Leaking water pump. 
38000 mi Power steering leak; hose replaced. 
191000 mi

US $30
Right rear window switch went out on the car. Rolled window down into the door but would not roll it back up. 
198000 mi

US $240
Both lower ball joints failing. Replaced. 
206000 mi

US $100
Window switches on driver's front and passenger rear went bad. 
15000 mi Slight clunk/rattle in front end at low speed. Dealer tightened a couple of bolts. 
31000 mi Tachometer backlight. Pulled cluster, checked connections, bulb. Had to order part (new cluster?) 
11000 mi Driver seat electrical seat adjusting panel came loose. Apparently not locked in place correctly from factory. Technician reseated and locked panel. No problem for one month since fixed. 
26000 mi

US $20
Driver window often does not respond to up or down switch. Protective strip on vertical edge of driver door lost adherence on lower 6 inches. Chevy dealer said they had no means to re-stick the strip. They referred us to now defunct Saturn dealership. No luck there. Often heard squeak when turning. Squeak from steering gear bushing. Replaced steering gear with updated part (#PI0029C). Set front toe and test drove. Noise gone. A/C control head "recirculate" button had paint peeling problem. Replaced and programmed the A/C control head-HVAC module. Driver's seat adjustment panel would not stay attached to seat. Repeated attempts to firmly attach panel failed. Left front outer seat bezel tabs were cracked. Replaced left front outer seat bezel insert. 
13000 mi Exterior temperature sensor not working. Rear Saturn emblem is discolored/peeling. Dealer ordered new emblem and will replace it. 
14000 mi Replaced rear emblem. 
15000 mi Dealer replaced exterior temperature sensor and remounted it in a different location as per TSB. Turn signal switch not working properly. Dealer checked and agreed. Ordered part. 
17000 mi Dealer replaced faulty turn signal switch. 
35000 mi Update to side impact airbag wiring. Replaced and re-routed some of the wiring. 
42000 mi Water leaked from roof area. Leak was found to be the sunroof housing. Housing was resealed. Improperly working blower motor and noise. Dealer replaced blower motor. 
49000 mi Water pump with slow leak replaced. 
60000 mi Master cylinder was leaking into brake booster, causing brake light to turn on. Master cylinder replaced. 
61000 mi

US $90
Had AC checked. Didn't seem cold. Dealer recharged system and added dye. 
85000 mi

US $500
System was low on charge. Leak test dye added. No leak found. Noise/clunking coming from steering rack. Rack bushings replaced. 
89500 mi

US $350
Front strut was leaking oil. Replaced both struts and had four wheel alignment. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual RWD

5580 mi Clicking noise from steering column. Needs column to be replaced. Parts on order. 
6200 mi New steering column ordered from US arrived and was fitted by dealer. Dealer fitted reverse sensing system was too sensitive and pointing in wrong direction! Got them to "tune" it so it wasn't too sensitive and detected horizontally. No longer detects sidewalk when parallel parking! 
6820 mi Recurrence of the clicking sound from steering column when turning. Not confident that it won't return again. Squeaking suspension strut (car was sounding like a ten year old taxi with 750,000km on the clock). Shop couldn't reproduce the problem (naturally). Probably some ice stuck in it that melted when it sat in the shop for repair of the steering noise. Squeaking brake pedal when applied. Needed lube. 
16120 mi Loose rods in the steering made knocking noise. Rods re-aligned and tightened. Rear door gas rams needed replacing as they were no longer sufficiently holding the tailgate open. 
18600 mi Recurrence of noise from steering column when turning at slow speeds. Same as Problem 1 Trip 1 but this time the parts ordered had arrived and were installed. 
19220 mi Recurrence of knocking noise from under engine when driving slowly over bumpy ground. Sounds like something loose. I expect it will return :-( Awful squeaking from rear left suspension strut. Sounded like an old taxi. Now quiet thankfully. 
29140 mi Recurrence of noisy steering pump. Told it needed replacing, so it was done! Bit worrying for a car less than three years old. 
36540 mi Cooling pump failed and leaked coolant. Unable to drive car, so towed to dealer for repair. 
70000 mi Rack and pinion not smooth, especially on turns. Could feel it in steering wheel. Also a whine and rattle from under steering column below dashboard. Third time in with a system replacement. Power seat sometimes will not lower from highest position. Have to move it forward and back first then it will lower. 
81000 mi Noise in front. Struts were replaced. 
106000 mi

US $438
Replaced original battery in June 2014. Not bad. However this month the starter quit on me. Towed to the dealer. Starter was replaced the same day. The 438 above does not include 75 tow charge. 
24000 mi

US $140
Power steering was whining though not having trouble steering. Dealer advised power steering pump needed replacement. Declined to replace as vehicle is out of warranty and I thought it might just be air in the system. Hasn't made noise since 
28700 mi Water pump failed. Numerous warning lights and vehicle became undriveable. Fluid dripping from front of the vehicle along with a slight burning smell. 
33000 mi

US $907
Master cylinder was leaking though no external signs of leakage. Caused Stabilitrack warning light to come on. Door speakers on driver's side (both front and rear side door) were inoperative. 
34000 mi

US $531
Auto rear gate ceased to operate and would not latch closed when manually lowered. 
42300 mi

US $300
Hissing sound coming from dash. Wasn't cooling very much. System needed 2 lbs of freon added. Bringing back for a leak check this week. Check engine light. Evap codes indicated problem with the passive system that is supposed to detect evaporation from the gas tank. This problem was also causing remote start feature to not work. Fix worked temporarily, but has returned. 
69000 mi

US $1200
ABS and traction control lights began flashing on dash then car went into battery saving mode. A/C shut down. Gradually became harder to drive and then would not restart after stopping. 
117000 mi

US $135
Power steering pump failing over several months. Researched issue and started with power steering pump. May need rack system replaced soon as well. 
34000 mi Power steering whine. Power steering fluid leak from temperature as noted in TSB. 
44000 mi Air conditioning whine at low speed (1900 rpm) since new. Saturn dealer failed to identify TSB. I brought this to the attention of Chevy dealer who is applying TSB. 
44000 mi Air conditioning whine at low speed (1900 rpm) since new. Dealer replaced suction hose as per TSB and problem is resolved. 
8000 mi Airbag light was on all the time.Driver side sensor had a pinched wire. 
15000 mi Drivers airbag light on. Pinched wire under seat. Second repair to wire. 
32000 mi Airbag light on. New harness installed under recall. Noise from steering. Steering rack replaced. 
56000 mi

US $995
Drivers headlight intermittent. Replaced both bulbs. Lower portion of gauges not lighting. Gauge cluster has LED's and is sealed. Needed to replace whole cluster. TPMS not working. Unable to read tire pressures. Replace water pump shaft seals. 
57700 mi

US $40
Replaced headlight harness. Connector started to melt. Motor for folding drivers side mirror stopped working. Replaced entire mirror 
58000 mi Steering wheel noise, possible pump failure 

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2007 Saturn Outlook

Engine not specified

34000 mi Steering pump noise 

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2007 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed manual FWD

4340 mi steering pump failed 
4960 mi new updated software for the transmission. was optional upgrade but told we should have it done. 
9300 mi Sunroof was leaking under roof. Needed to reseal rubber. 
10540 mi Water leaking through the glove box/door panel. 
29760 mi Struts 

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2007 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

180-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

3000 mi trans reprogram Unknown part was ordered. 
5000 mi lumbar adjuster broke 
6000 mi trans reflash 
7000 mi Power Steering Pump whine. 
36000 mi Power steering pump replaced top storage latch replaced door lock rattled hesitation when accelerating. replaced all 6 coils.  
1860 mi Technical Service Bulletin had been issued for a transmission recalibration. Engine was slow to accelerate and had a lag at certain speeds. Software update remedied the problem. 
8680 mi When doors were locked using the factory keyfob while one of the doors was still opened, the factory remote start, as well as the key fob, wouldn't work. The dealer ran diagnostics, but found no errors. The problem self-resolved two days before taking i 
11780 mi After 3 days of -30* celcius overnight temps, check engine light came on and gas gauge quit accurately reading. Onstar indicated the problem was with the fuel tank sensor. The gas gauge would sometimes not function at all, other times normally, and ... 
17360 mi Truck had a sound similar to a power steering whine even after parking. The sound worsened the longer the truck ran. Diagnosis: Power steering pump is leaking, parts ordered. Truck can be driven in the meantime. (warranty repair) 
17980 mi Power steering pump had been ordered prior trip, was replaced this trip. 
26040 mi Leak in the steering system noticed during visual inspection done during routine service visit. Technical service bulletin indicated updated replacement part available. Part was on hand and dealer successfully replaced. 
28520 mi Whining when turning tightly. Mechanic noticed vehicle seemed bumpy during test drive for complaint of steering whining. 
29140 mi

C $891
Mechanic noticed bumpy ride when doing test drive for whining noise reported in February repair trip. Diagnosed as being front struts having leaked. Follow-up on previous fuel-gauge problem during cold weather. Was informed there is now a TSB. Using a higher ethanol fuel is supposed to prevent the problem from occurring - may be a Canadian specific problem.  
33060 mi

C $165
While driving in a rainstorm the windshield wipers completely quit working after being on high for 30 minutes. Was told the bolts had come loose so that the gear assembly wasn't touching properly. Bolts were torqued and treated to not slip. 
33480 mi Check engine light came on. Timing chain needed to be replaced. Engine had to be dropped to replace it so a/c was recharged and oil replaced as part of the work. Replaced under special GM extended coverage. Water pump started leaking while vehicle in shop for timing chain replacement. Replaced under warranty - dealership wasn't clear what warranty was used. 
36580 mi

C $540
Power steering pump. (3rd replacement over lifetime of car.) CV Joint cracked and leaking fluid. Replaced and steering aligned. 
114000 mi

US $7
replaced front struts, strut mounts and strut bearings. Driver side axle shaft replaced all four door speakers some window switches not working either on the up or down settings. ABS,Traction and stability control light on dash clunking from rear shocks 
115000 mi

US $12
replacement of rear hatch latch button 
26000 mi Recall repair of leaking sunroof (install drain hose extensions.) 
30000 mi Alphanumeric display would not show tire pressures, indicated "service tire pressure monitor." Technician quickly reprogrammed sensors with hand-held device. 
36000 mi

US $100
check engine light came on. cause determined to be a sensor on fuel tank. not in stock, was ordered, a grating sound occurs when steering wheel is turned. mechanic thought lubrication of a "boot" would cure problem, but it did not. mechanic willing to disassemble steering column to diagnose, but said parts not in stock, week in shop needed Ordered previously, replaced. 
41000 mi

US $35
Tire pressure monitor quit displaying pressures. Reset as part of tire rotation, and oil service. 
51000 mi

US $339
Power steering hum. Dealer replaced power steering pump. I payed for system flush, and PS fluid. Computer update. I did not receive TSB Engine overheated, required one gallon of water to top off. Water pump showed signs of leakage. Pump replaced, I payed for system flush, and coolant. 
68000 mi

US $260
Replaced Steering Gear Housing. Flushed, bled PS system Found increased Copper level in Brake Fluid whaich had been replaced 18,000 earlier. Flushed and replaced brake fluid. 
77000 mi

US $310
92300 mi

US $800
Replace Vent Valve, Gas Cap.Throttle Induction Decarb and Fuel Injector Service 
106000 mi

US $650
Evap purge filter stuck open. Replaced sticking intake manifold tuning valve 
109000 mi

US $2100
Alternator putting out zero voltage. Replaced alternator Replaced both front struts because they were leaking fluid Alignment was checked and adjusted. I was concerned because of : 1. Having driven over curb (big bang) 2. Recently had tires rotated and tires are going whump, whump, whump while rolling. Whump sped up as speed increased. Still hear whump. 
112000 mi

US $155
Lift gate would close after opening about half-way. Problem began after recall mod to tailgate software. Apparently the issue was that the lift gate struts were worn and needed to be replaced 
97000 mi

US $601
Master brake cylinder started to leak causing console screen displays of "Brake System needs servicing" and "Stabilitrak turned off". My car started to bounce more prominantly. Found out that the front struts are worn out and not functioning well. I got the front struts replaced. 
160000 mi

US $650
Water leak seen on A Pillars - leak happening in rear fixed moon roof glass. It took about 6 trips at different dealers & shops to identify. Repair included replacing the glass & seal. 
160000 mi

US $45
Water leak from A pillars both sides. Water leak from passenger rear side light. 
19000 mi There was a noise when turning the steering wheel. The mechanic told me about it when I took it in for oil change. 
13000 mi Clicking noise when turning, front strut mount replaced. Lumbar support just broke one day, support was replaced. 
23000 mi Sensor for the ABS and traction control became loose and was worn off by tire. 
45000 mi Lumbar broke for second time  headlight issue and wiring harness replaced air conditioner surging - not noticed by tech tranny downshifts abruptly to 1st gear when slamming on brakes and then accelerating at a speed over 35mph 
54000 mi

US $26
Out Christmas shopping and Outlook began to overheat, pulled over and looked under hood to see water pump leaking large amounts of water. Had the vehicle towed to Saturn Dealer in Gainesville. 
82000 mi Transmission went out in while driving down road, transmission was rebuilt under warranty. 
118300 mi Warranty front head lamp wiring harness replacement, husband is master certified mechanic and he did warranty repair. 
140000 mi

US $600
Axel leaking so caused issues with transmission shifting irregular. Repaired and reprogrammed transmission at GM dealer. 
163000 mi

US $1500
Engine timing chains replaced, gaskets replaced, water pump, and maintenance services performed per the service bulletin. Husband completed repairs, he is an ASE master certified mechanic. 
2000 mi Tranny lag reprogram 
6000 mi Dash glove box lid wouldn't open by normal means - push button latch problem Gas gauge drops from 3/8 +/- tank to empty tank reading overnight. Tank level will move higher only after about 20 minutes of driving. Gas cap lanyard keeps coming loose allowing gas cap to fall to ground when refilling gas tank Dash glovebox replacement that was previously ordered was installed. 
11000 mi Window switch located on drivers door intermittently failing to operate passenger side front door window 
20000 mi Remote starter buzzes or hums somewhere in engine compartment uncomfortably loud. Sound goes away when key installed and turned to on. At +/- 40 mph when gas pedal is depressed heavily (lead foot) the car on 4 occasions has not accelerated for several long seconds, neither accelerates or bogs down - just stays at speed then after several long seconds finally kicks in - I consider this .. 
26000 mi *Same shifting lag problem. When travelling at speed any quick lift off the pedal followed by a quick depression of the accelerator causes a substantial lag period before acceleration happens. 
28000 mi Same shifting lag problem. When travelling at any speed any quick lift off the pedal followed by a quick depression of the accelerator causes a substantial lag period before acceleration happens 
33000 mi Intermittently will not shift into park correctly, car rolls away when exiting the vehicle when this happens.  
38000 mi Car will not always go into park. Something in transmission or Trans linkage not engaging. Car rolls away in park if safety brake not applied. Car will not always go into park. Something in transmission or Trans linkage not engaging. Car rolls away in park if safety brake not applied. 
76300 mi DTC codes PO171 & P0174 ended up being oil contaminated Mass Air Flow sensor 
79000 mi Smog system 
79000 mi

US $1300
p0171 emission controls code returned. Dealer dropped gas tank & replaced gas vent solenoid which (+$850) proved to not be the fault. The problem was a master cylinder leaking into the vacuum booster (+$550) 
80000 mi Transmission imploded. Dealer recommended total replacement with a rebuilt transmission. 
91700 mi

US $750
Timing chain. alignment, injector cleaning 
101300 mi

US $600
Power steering pump and steering drive mechanism 

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2007 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 6-speed automated manual RWD

164000 mi Prior to purchasing, steering pump replaced. Bushings replaced. Right side found when replacing steering pump. Went aheadcand replaced pass side at same time. Prior to purchasing vehicle, both struts replaced. 
33000 mi Replaced starter due to a whine sound when initially engaged. Tire Pressure Monitor system inop. 
36000 mi Front compartment A/C blower motor failed. Replaced under warranty 
39000 mi

US $240
Loose front left stabilizer link 
51000 mi

US $235
Right front stabilizer link worn. Replaced 
75000 mi

US $434
Left Rear Control Arm replaced and wheels aligned 
86000 mi

US $1330
HVAC thermostat not working properly. Power steering pump leak Passenger Airbag sensor inop 
91000 mi

US $1250
Replace front struts and align Steering gear pinion shaft housing seal dry and noisy recommend replacing seal 
98000 mi

US $306
Replace Purge Solinoid Right Front Tire Pressure Monitor Faulty Signal 
115500 mi

US $240
Replace loose left rear toe adjustment arm 
122300 mi

US $600
Replace Front Struts under lifetime warranty Replace serpentine drive belt 
136700 mi

US $3000
I had 2 of 3 cat converters replaced. $1900 parts and $950 labor. Replace plugs and wires 
140000 mi

US $90
Replace damaged tire valve stem. Material is subject to failure. Have replaced three, none of the redesigned ones have failed. 
147000 mi Air Bag service warning light will require a module replacement 
7000 mi Rear right speaker was blown. Replaced rear speaker. In the process they cracked a trim panel. Replaced broken trim panel they damaged during my previous repair. 
26000 mi Interior lights were flickering while driving the car. Interior lights were not always turning off. There was a delay in the radio turning off after the driver's door was opened. Car had to be jump started every morning. Driver's door switch was replaced. 
36000 mi Humming noise coming from the front of the car. Power steering fluid was found to be aerated. Air was bled out and fluid topped off. 
38000 mi Heard a rattle noise coming from the front end, especially over bumps. Dealer replaced right from sway bar link. 
55000 mi Liftgate would not stay open. Fluid leaking from lift gate strut. Dealer replaced both struts at no cost to me. 
61000 mi Check engine light was on intermittently. OnStar ran a diagnostic, said the timing chains may need to be replaced. Dealership replaced timing chains under powertrain warranty. 
21000 mi Noisy power steering pump replaced. Loose cargo area trim. 
25000 mi Bad leather on drivers door vibration/noise in steering. Bled air bubbles out of fluid. 
34000 mi

US $100
Rear glass moonroof leaking. Past bumper to bumper but GM agreed to cover since it is a known issue. TSB. Drivers side headrest DVD player would not turn off. Replaced under extended warranty. Worn control arm. Heard slight clunking over small bumps. Replaced under extended warranty. 
2000 mi Creaking noise in suspension, primarily when turning, noticeable at low speeds, when parking, etc 
32000 mi Seat track replacement. 
34000 mi Seat track motor and track malfunctioned 
35000 mi Squeaking while turning steering wheel, replaced steering column. seat track and motor replaced 
10000 mi Car was leaking through the sunroof and going under the floorboards, affecting electrical system and the auto hatch opener. This was in June. Went thru a car wash in July the problem is now existing on the drivers side, down by the brake pedal onto my sho 
20000 mi Lack of or slow to automatically shift to higher speed.  
24000 mi Suddenly became difficult to turn steering wheel, also car would go into low gear automatically when going downhil 
55000 mi Front sway bar replaced. Faulty steering gear replaced. 
56700 mi Bad water pump 
62500 mi Transmission hiccups, transmission overhauled. 
71300 mi

US $60
Emergency brake/traction illuminates and rings. dealer entered "insufficient brake fluid", they topped off.  Secondly, they did not find the leak that persist on to my left shoes while resting on break rest while driving.. will keep eye on it 
82700 mi

US $109
Back in April of 2012 They were not able to find the cause of the leak so in December it really started to pour inside of my vehicle coming through the visor, the OnStar system and the airbag panels. I wrote Saturn and they payed $1500.00 
19000 mi Front windshield wiper linkage broken.  
23000 mi HomeLink garage door system would not activate. Replaced HomeLink module, I think. 
32000 mi Noise coming from front end - possibly steering or braking system. Dealer noticed "air" in the steering system and topped off the fluid which indeed made the system quieter. The original noise is still there and unchanged. Another visit necessary. 
38000 mi Trunk latch malfunction 
87000 mi Steering still making noise when sold. 
21080 mi Drivers power seat track not working properly. Transmission software update to eliminate hunting at 50-70KPH 
22940 mi Installed new seat track. 
32860 mi Repace left front headlight assembly. Nav system replaced - disc read error. 
44020 mi Replace right front sway bar link. 
58280 mi

C $405
Water leaks around sunroof. Fixed under warranty 3 years ago. This time they put a new gasket on sunroof and drain lines were “sagging”. Carpets were soaking wet underneath. They picked up half. 
55000 mi Found out that the DVD player wouldn't play most DVD's, tried cleaning disk and finally took it to the dealer since I had just bought the vehicle used. Radio was replaced under GM Certified 12/12 warranty. 
93500 mi Water pump replaced under warranty. Had been losing small amount of coolant for a couple years, and then one day I found a big puddle, at least now I know where it was going. 
95000 mi Check engine light came on directly after an oil change at the dealer. Turned out to be a streatched timing chain, which is a known issue with these engines. GM has extended service up to 10 years or 120K miles on some vehicles for this. 
101000 mi

US $12
Check engine light came on, code reader brought up P0019. Bought a new Purge Canister Valve online for less than $20 and installed it easily myself. Just a couple hose connections and a wire. 
121700 mi

US $60
Replaced worn stabilizer bar links 
142000 mi Replace front control arm bushings and rear lateral control link on driver side. Not sure what's normal for these, but start to expect some this this with nearly 150K miles. 
145000 mi

US $4400
Failure to shift from 3rd to 4th, check engine light. Decided to do full transmission replacement for 3 year/100k warranty on new tranny rather than risk a rebuild. I do tow with this vehicle. 
88000 mi

US $489
Oil leak at timing chain cover Water pump failing Steering boot linkage failing Hatchback strut failing Driver's side mirror turn-signal indicator not working 
98300 mi

US $100
Rear electric hatch stopped working...was making grinding noises. The center storage bin latch snapped off in my hand. 
126000 mi

US $900
Power Steering Pump replaced. We also had to replace the transmission at 119k, just 18 hours after purchasing the Outlook back in October '12. 
129300 mi

US $890
Steering rack replaced 
137000 mi

US $852
Replaced master cylinder and vacuum booster due to internal leak of master cylinder into booster. 
138000 mi

US $860
Multiswitch replaced due to front windshield washer switch failure. both shocks and struts replaced 
164000 mi

US $950
Moisture in the throttle body kept throwing off Stabilitrak error, causing hard shifts and acceleration issues. After cleaning intake and replacing sensor, no more errors. Multiple times to shop in 3 weeks time. 
173300 mi

US $300
Connector to rollover sensor (passenger airbag light) was corroded. replaced clutch plates 1,2,3,4 
188000 mi

US $2400
Timing chain 

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2007 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

138-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual RWD

7000 mi Center dashboard console will not open. Ordered new spring. Center dashboard console will not open. Replaced spring. 
24000 mi Loud whining noise/vibration when steering after vehicle had warmed up. 
6820 mi Transmission seems to stall sometimes on acceleration Air conditioning always send cold air on driver's feet even when the control is set on top vent only 
17980 mi Driver's seat rails are loose. Seat moves. Oil leak from defect seal on transmission. Noisy brake pedal. Electrical problem: interior lights going on & off with no reason, occasionnaly; radio not going off after door opens. Defect of the vehicle module controlling remote door opening & remote engine start. Message: "Service tire monitor system" Dash compartment lid is very difficult to open; they change some part, but no real improvement 
60140 mi Dashboard lights went off a few times, but they could never figure out what happened. Transmission erratic when accelerating. Steering noisy. Dealer never fixed either problem. 
6000 mi Gas cap wouldn't close because a gasket had slipped out of place. 
50000 mi coolant leak, replaced water pump with new gasket whining in power steering. replaced steering gear E9740 2.4 add .7 for steering wheel alignment front cover was leaking oil due to faulty gasket. removed & reinstalled front cover J0771 7.4 add .3 EVAC /A bright bulb burned out. Replaced both 
69500 mi

US $320
oxygen sensor needed replacing. 
70000 mi oxygenator failed. 3 of the 4 have failed but they are subject of a GM recall and the cost is covered under the warranty. 
76000 mi

US $3600
transmission needed to be replaced 
108000 mi Timing chains were replaced under warranty 
7000 mi Low hum or whine from front end of vehicle that can be felt through steering wheel. Only noticeable at low speeds or when idling, problem is intermittant and seems to happen after driving at highway speeds for at least 30 minutes. Dealer could not duplica Rear power liftgate switch doesn't work intermittantly. Fixed by replacing liftgate switch. 
7000 mi The dash display warned of tire pressure sensor fault for the right front and left rear tire. Dealer replaced faulty sensors. This fault happened right after last repair trip which involved rotating the tires. 
Defective left rear door speaker at delivery, standard audio system. Had ordered wrong part. Defective left rear door speaker at delivery, standard audio system. Had ordered wrong part on first trip. Correct part installed on second trip. 
12000 mi Power seat track movement was rough. Sometimes made a bang noise when automatically slid all the way back, also on the forward return. Inside the cargo area, the door on the left that covers the jack compartment would not stay closed. Door was replaced with a new one. 
17000 mi Power seat track movement was rough. Sometimes made a bang noise when automatically slid all the way back, also on the forward return. This WAS NOT successfully repaired earlier as it indicated in your survey form. Parts took a long time to be acquired. Right front seat track movement was not smooth. Fixed. 
61700 mi Check engine light kept coming on intermittently. Not a problem at all, but disquieting. Also, remote start would not work while light was on. Tried synthetic oil, no help. Replaced timing chain, GM had extended the warranty free. 
65000 mi Noise (Scuff, squeak) in steering column (est. repair over $1200) said not to be dangerous. Left outside folding mirror no longer folds (about $750). 
74000 mi

US $800
Left remote folding mirror would not fold in and out. 10 way power seat would not slide backward. 
98000 mi

US $100
The front blower motor was replaced 
118700 mi

US $160
Emmision. Purge selenoid failure (check engine light on) 
139000 mi

US $4400
Complete failure. Transmission rebuilt 
178300 mi

US $1000
Power steering pump, struts and belts 
9920 mi Leak near windshield caused short in fusebox and multiple codes(39+). Leak was repaired, fusebox replaced. Blocked drainage tube for sunroof also repaired. 
14880 mi Lumbar support on driver's side inoperative. 
16120 mi

C $120
Service airbag system warning came on DIC. Code was present and computer re-flash was done.  Also, sunroof drain lines were replaced(2nd time). 
19220 mi Driver's window was scratched by the trim in the door. Window, trim and molding were replaced. 
25200 mi RF & LF stabilizer bar links replaced 
28520 mi

C $49
Transaxle seal replaced. Transmission removed, seal replaced, transmission replaced. 
31000 mi

C $50
Replaced headlight bulb(caused by faulty wiring). Repaired faulty sunshade on rear sunroof(caused during leak repair). Waiting on replacement of "foggy" radio screen.  
34100 mi Whistling while turning was noticed. The power steering fluid was replaced(I was told it appeared to be black!)and the noise went away. 
47000 mi The sun roof leaked when the car was parked with the front end pointed down a hill 
59000 mi Reverse clutch plate needed to be replaced The BCM module was shorted out when Dealer completed a recall service while the car was in the shop for a different repair 
68300 mi

US $100
The rear driver side window would not go up or down, the window motor was replaced along with the switch on the door and the switch on the front driver door 
73000 mi

US $100
replace brake fluid sensor, because warning lights came on for brake system and stabilatrak Replace drivers window control switch replace wiring harness for both headlights. Replace light bulb for both headlights. I had already replace the drivers side headlight harness because it failed 
78000 mi

US $138
Timing belt needed replacement Front struts were replaced 
119000 mi Replaced drivers and passengers(driver side)power window switches Replace rear windshield wiper arm and blade 
37000 mi During cold weather attempted to clean rear window with rear washer fluid and wiper and washer fluid shot out of drivers "A" pillar across dash. Cause was diagnosed as cracked line from frozen fluid. Covered by dealer, out of factory warranty period. Chrome coating peeling from front grille. Part ordered and replaced by dealer. 
68500 mi Drivers seat back power lumbar adjustment inoperative. Dealer diagnosed problem, stated repair would be over $450 for parts with no charge for labor. Third time in for this problem. 
83700 mi

US $1300
Fuel system evap solenoid and fuel tank pressure sensor were replaced under NON-warranty repairs. 
112000 mi Transmission was intermittently sticking in first gear and would not shift through gears. Also had not reverse when problem would happen. Dealer serviced the transmission with a special service pack from GM as this was a known problem. 
113300 mi Took vehicle for transmission special service for 3-5-R wave plate. Came back from dealer with worse problems than it went in. Dealer had the Saturn for 2 weeks and sent trans to a trans shop for specialty work. 
131300 mi

US $750
Replaced both front strut assemblies due to sway bar becoming loose and wearing mount hole in one side. Sway bar was reconnected incorrectly during previous transmission work. 
12000 mi Leaking sunroof drain. 
55000 mi Leaking water pump, took them one day to repair 
64000 mi

US $100
Power steering rack was replaced....it was making noise.  Also had gunked up EGR...cleaned. 
77000 mi Transmission would not go into reverse nor out of 1st gear. Many parts replaced internally. 
82000 mi Having trouble shifting out of 1st or 2nd gear after using towing mode. Intermittent problem 
140700 mi

US $200
Throttle body issues caused stalling in cold or wet weather. Seems to be a wiring harness issue at throttle body. 
149000 mi

US $250
Alternator went out...did belts and hoses while I was in there 
158000 mi

US $175
Throttle body replacement....intermittent codes and limp mode in cold weather 
157000 mi

US $850
Replaced front shocks and struts. Uneven tire wear. 
173000 mi Transmission has ceased functioning and no longer feasible to continue repairs. 
60000 mi

US $300
pressure valves on A/C line loosened and drained coolant. air in power steering line causing moaning. 
73000 mi

US $250
dirty engine/gunk 
77000 mi Engine running rough. I think it's the ECU. Dealer thinks it's lack of oil changes. 
2480 mi Air conditioner failed, due to gasket leak at thermal expansion valve. Known problem documented in TSB. During first trip, problem was diagnosed, but replacement parts needed to be FedExed from the USA. During this trip, the gaskets were replaced, and the problem was resolved. 
9920 mi Driver seat rocks forward during heavy deceleration. Driver seat shakes or wobbles when being moved forward/back on track, suggesting a problem with the track and/or motors. Dealership claims they could not reproduce, although the problem is obvious an 
17980 mi Driver seat wobbles during movement; rocks during acceleration and braking, as previously reported. This time dealer admitted it is a known problem, but replacement parts are still being developed. Dealer implemented a temporary fix. Brake pedal squeak caused by incorrect brake fluid. TSB issued by GM; dealer service replaced fluid as described. Car refuses to shift down to a lower gear at highway speeds when accelerator is depressed lightly. Accelerator must be pressed heavily, at which point transmission shifts down 2 or 3 gears. Service reported "normal behavior". 
37820 mi

C $550
Steering failure - could not turn wheel either direction at low RPMs. PS fluid was topped which reduced but not fixed problem. Dealer replaced PS pump and return line; problem continued, so dealer also replaced steering rack and gears. engine timing chain stretches and slips. Known issue with L-series engines; GM has ordered parts and will fix under warranty. 
39060 mi stretched timing chain replaced by dealership mechanics. Vehicle gets much better fuel economy now! 

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2007 Saturn Outlook 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

4000 mi Transmission oil leak - PTO seal to AWD transfer case. Front strut bearings creak when wheels turned. Both need to be replaced. Missing inside wheel well cover on both left and right side. Front of engine (RH wheel well) and rear of transmission (LH wheel well) is completely exposed to road spray. Other Outlooks have covers installed. 
5000 mi Strut bearings replaced and LF strut. RF suspension still creaked. Both front strut bearings were replaced with upgraded parts. Both front struts were replaced with upgraded parts. Creaking in front suspension is now gone. Both front wheel well liners were replaced with parts that adequately covered the engine and transmission (upgraded parts). Issue solved. Reflashed engine and transmission computers with new SW. Vehicle shifts and drives smoother. 

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