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2002 Saturn S-Series Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by Fischingerfarms



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Reviewed: 2002 Saturn S-Series

4dr Sedan 100-horsepower 1.9L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2002 Saturn S-Series?

Fuel economy

With the SOHC engine and MT,heavy AC,I get 35-38 MPG cruising at about 70MPH 10% ethanol gas.Gas without ethanol gives about 10% better fuel economy but is not available in most places near me.It makes no sense to add 10% ETOH if mpg drops 10%

Ride smoothness

Very comfortable ride for such a small car.I went up one tire size taller,sumitomo HTR T4 same width, and it improved the ride and handling and still fits.Great tires,long wearing

Price or payments

Compared to a honda civic it is much cheaper to own and operate and the saturnfans forum provides great how to maintenance tips with many how to videos.

Reliability & durability

Was using or leaking oil(qt/500miles) from a stuck ring when I got it (130K)but was able to eventually get it unstuck with tips from satrunfans forum and now uses qt/1500 at (195K)Easy and cheap repairs in general.

Why Not the 2002 Saturn S-Series?


A loud buzzy car at 70MPH or faster,coarse sounds at high rpm,feels a bit unsafe going much faster than that...Needs throttle body cleaning yearly,do it yourself in a half hour and save hundreds...

Powertrain performance

Not much performance to speak of....Great economy makes up for it,even with ethanol gas,I can squeeze 40MPG highway with heavy AC use if I cruise(I had aftermarket cruise installed,about $500) at 65MPH or less..


Wallows with a lot of understeer,SL model has no rear antiswaybar,if I ever get time I will look for a junkyard rear antisway bar from an SL2 to retrofit...

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