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The V6(Honda) automatic transmission

Ask the People Who Own One:

2006 - 2007 Saturn VUE
A member in Serbia

The quality of the automatic transmission .

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Response from Member833

12:35 am July 22, 2016

My recent purchased Vue with the Honda v6 and a/t had a vibration at around 1400 rpm that was caused by the transmission. It is a very common problem with this transmission, in Vues and Hondas as well. It is caused by the
aggressive converter lock-up and requirement for frequent fluid changes. You can add friction modifiers that help temporarily but changing the fluid about every 25k miles with honda spec fluid or equivolent (I used Valvoline synthetic from Walmart as it works and is cheaper than the fluid from Honda) is the better solution.


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Response from Durhamite_Andy

9:30 am September 15, 2016

I also have a 2007 Vue with approx. 86k miles. I tend to feel a *very slight* vibration at certain lower RPMs but only at certain speeds around 50-60 MPH, usually not slower than that. The vibration is not really noticable, doesn't affect driving or anything but is associated with a kind of low humming or booming sound. I can see slight vibration in the front rear view mirror, but the vibration stops when i accellerate harder or take my foot off the accellerator.

Forgive me if these are stupid questions - but what does "aggressive converter lockup" mean are you talking about the catalytic converter? What "frequent fluid changes" - transmission fluid? or something else?



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Response from Member833

3:58 am September 17, 2016

I am talking about the transmission torque converter locking up at low rpm's to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The 5 speed transmission Honda uses with the v6 engine is very sensitive to changes in the trans fluid as you accumulate mileage since the last fluid change. As the fluid ages, the converter slips a little as it locks up at low rpm and causes a vibration or shudder. Some owners find that changing the fluid more frequenly than specified, using Honda spec fluid or compatible synthetic, can reduce or eliminate this shudder.


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