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2017 Subaru Crosstrek Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by N106FM



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Reviewed: 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

4dr Hatch 148-horsepower 2.0L H4 5-speed manual AWD

Why the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek?


Power train is noisy

Powertrain performance

Engine will idle at 2000 RPM for the first ten minutes after startup (even on a 80 degree day). Dealer says this is normal and nothing can be done about it. The car is a manual tranmission, so it is hard to shift smoothly with the high RPM. Even when RPM settles down you have to work to shift smoothly making this car unpleasent to drive.

Driving position & visibility

The side view mirrors are set back about 6" from the front window. For short drivers that have the seat in a forward position there is a huge blind spot.

Ride smoothness

A lot of tire noise. In windy conditions the car is all over the road.

Past personal experience

This is the third Sabura that my wife has owned. The first was a great car. The second had a lot of maitiance problems, but was a nice driving car. This is the most unpleasent to drive and I would never use it on a long trip. All the previous Saburas were manual transmission.

Other Features of the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

Exterior styling

Styling is not much of a factor. The gas filler is on the passage side of the car, which makes it ackward when pulling up to a gas pump

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Response from NormT

8:25 pm October 12, 2017

My wife's Aunt traded in here 15 year Camry for a new Forester. The seats are too firm, it rides like a truck, and it is noisey. Could have asked how the 2012 Forester was...very utilitarian.


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