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XT steering

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2014 - 2020 Subaru Forester
A member in Ontario, Canada

I have a 2018 Forester XT. I've noticed since I've gotten it that when driving down the road, the steering will suddenly pull to one side. Especially if I come out of a gentle curve, like an on ramp, and straighten out, it'll then pull to one side a bit, and then the other. Does this happen with anyone else? The dealer drove it and insists it's reacting to the road, the crown, or subtle bumps, etc. but this happens on flat, well paved roads. It feels like holding a gyroscope and then trying to move it, a sort of torque feeling. If not careful, it can catch me off guard. It happened with the snow tires, but even when switching to the brand new summer tires, it happens. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, just feels like the steering is loose.

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Response from Member5813

7:54 pm June 28, 2018

Hit there. My guess, and it is just that, is it sounds like the Lane Keep Assist kicking in. IF you have Eyesight on the vehicle, and if the Lane Keep Assist is turned on, I would put even money that this the cause of your issue. If you get near the edge of a lane, it will gently try to move you toward the center, and that is what it feels like, like working againsta gyroscope.

Try turning the Lane Keep Assist off, or the entire Eyesight suite, and then see if you can replicate the driving conditions and the symptoms.

Hope that helps!


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Response from LectroFuel

2:03 pm July 1, 2018

First, try turning off EyeSight. Then, go to a different repair shop and let them diagnose it. Dealers are often worse in terms of price, honesty, and knowledge.


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Response from AcuraT

1:01 am July 14, 2018

As the previous two stated, Eyesight's Lane Keep Assist is the issue if you have it as it was only standard on the Touring model, optional on the XT in 2018.

Otherwise, twitching in the steering is either normal behavior (unlikely) or the alignment is off. Some new Subaru owners on the boards have been reporting particularly on the 2018 Forrester that the alignment on newly delivered cars is off - and when corrected, the problem goes away. However it is not usually described as a sudden twitch - more like it won't track correctly on the highway (local roads when going slower not as much an issue).


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