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Subaru WRX Most Common Problems

fuel door
rattle or squeak, package self
audio / nav / infotainment control panel or head unit
clutch failure, unknown or unspecified cause
clutch release bearing / throw-out bearing
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Chart is based on 167 vehicles in TrueDelta's reliability survey.
These are the problems owners most commonly reported on TrueDelta's Car Reliability Survey. For many models not all entries have been coded yet, so focus on the relative numbers rather than the absolute numbers. Usually when people say "they all have this problem," the problem in question actually affects between 10 percent and 20 percent of all cars. We aren't counting wear items like brake pads and rotors that truly do require periodic replacement on all cars.

What Our Members Are Saying about the Materials And Workmanship of the 2019 Subaru WRX

2019 Subaru WRX Materials And Workmanship: Cons
2016 4dr Sedan turbocharged 268hp 2.0L H4
6-speed manual AWD
If you're looking at the WRX thinking, "Oh wow, the interior looks much better! Must be a nicer place to be compared to the old ones!," you would be correct -- it IS a much nicer interior than the previous generations. However, the interior fit & finish really leave something to be desired still. While the materials are much nicer and more visually appealing than before, not even 1,000 miles in, I was already having 3-4 rattles/squeaks going on around the car that's been exacerbated by the cold weather. There is a squeak between the dashboard and windshield at highway speeds, the sunroof mechanism rattles over bumps, there is a mysterious rattle around the dome light that comes and goes, the rear deck cover shakes and vibrates (mostly due to the third brake light), and there's a squeak somewhere around the right-rear strut over medium-speed bumps. And it is commonly acknowledged by the Subaru community as "It's just a Subaru thing." It does not bother me but for someone expecting a nice, refined interior like the VW GTI, you will be sorely disappointed. All the gloss/shiny trim pieces WILL collect dust/fingerprints easily (all around the head unit, the carbon trim, around the A/C controls). The center console hood is a very cheap plastic that can become super rattle-y in colder months -- replaced mine with a leather hood from the Japanese model. full 2016 Subaru WRX review
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