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2015 Subaru WRX Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by sumint99



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Reviewed: 2015 Subaru WRX

4dr Sedan turbocharged 268hp 2.0L H4 6-speed manual AWD

Why the 2015 Subaru WRX?

Exterior styling

2.5 out of 5: Obviously subjective, but to me it doesn't do anything for me emotionally, either good or bad.

Interior styling

2 out of 5: Obviously subjective, but to me it doesn't do anything for me emotionally, either good or bad. Compared to the competition it is lacking. Materials are just fine.

Powertrain performance

3 out of 5: Lots of power for the price and displacement, but turbo power is still peaky/laggy. Power delivery is a bit unrefined. Manual transmission is not stellar, combined with turbo lag, it can be a bit rough in low speed every day driving. Clutch take up/catch point is bit soft.

Fuel economy

3 out of 5: I average about 24 MPG in 50/50 mixed city/hwy. About 18 MPG in stricly city. About 28 MPG in strictly hwy. Have even seen 30-32 MPG if just cruising at hwy speeds of 65-75 MPH.


4 out of 5: This is where the WRX shines. This is the biggest kudos for the car. It handles like a more expensive sports car. The AWD and chasis, combine to give great cornerning, minimal understeer, and ability to power out of mid-corner.

Why Not the 2015 Subaru WRX?


2 out of 5: Considerable NVH from tires, wind and ambient outside noises. Quiter than previous generations but not on par with the like of a GTI or Focus ST.

Ride smoothness

2 out of 5: So its a sports car so you don't expect a smooth ride. However I consider powertrain smoothness to be part of ride smoothness, and while the suspension tuning is very well damped for a sports car of this price range (even when up against a GTI), the powertrain is not. Specifically this car wants to be driven hard, and when done it rewards the driver. If you daily drive it at lower stop and go speeds, it can be jerky. I have also had problems with erratic idle that has been warranty diagnosed as "normal" for all WRX.

Feature availability

1 out 5: The biggest and most well know drawback to most Subarus (I knew this at time of purchase), is the lack of up to date audio/entertainment, and convenience features. Notably lack of a good stereo or nav, lack of standard key/fob-free unlocking/locking & push button start, ventilated seats, adjustable drive modes (normal/sport/track).

Exterior styling

2.5 out of 5: I'll only add to what everyone else has to say. Why no hatch? Why not look like the concept, even a little bit more.

Dealer practices

2.5 out of 5: What to add, it's just an average dealer/service/sales experience, no bells or whistles.

Other Features of the 2015 Subaru WRX

Brand reputation & image

I've only owned one other Subaru before and it was a 2000 Outback that was handed down to my sister and ultimately was sold with a dying transmission for $2,000 @ 270,000 miles on the odometer in 2013. That said these cars are very well built and you can feel the parent company Fuji Heavy Industires influence on making solid machine.


These WRX, if history repeats, will hold there value better than 95% of mainstream cars out there.

Dealer practices

Have yet to go to a Subaru dealer that was overly pushy. It seems brand wide that the dealership sales staff are friendly and accomodating.

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Response from acetech09

10:37 pm April 14, 2015

Full disclosure: I'm a subaru nut. I could probably disassemble and reassemble a GC/GD chassis by muscle memory. Might have a bit of bias towards these cars.

However, I agree with you on every point of this well-summarized review.
These cars aren't what they used to be. The great benefit of Subarus is that they solved problems and made great things with brute mechanical force and solid engineering. That heritage is still evident - not many creature comforts, simple suspension and steering (no modes, etc), AWD to get the power down, etc. But it feels like the new models are bogged down with mandatory safety features and market demands, and haven't done much to accomodate them into the soul of the car.

I thought about getting a new WRX a while ago. I walked out, an hour later, very sad.


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