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Subaru Crosstrek??

Ask the People Who Own One:

2016 - 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

Considering buying a new 2017. Price is $28,000 out the door in Canada-includes all taxes. Sounds good-much lower than anything on autotrader. What experience have you guys had with them? I'm a little worried about the 2.0L engine-my '09 Matrix has a 2.4L and I really like the pickup with it.

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Response from Member2328

9:03 am July 28, 2017

I'm pretty happy with my 2016 Crosstrek, just hit 21,000 miles in 10.5 months. Its taken some getting used to, coming from a Forester with manual trans, but it seems peppy enough for me. The CVT seems to add a little delay, I guess while it figures out what you want it to do, but I tend to not be a jackrabbit anyway. The couple of times I've stomped on the gas, it seems to get going well enough for my taste. Love the mileage, I was getting 25-26 mpg with my Forester, and I'm getting around 31mpg with the Crosstrek.


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Response from Member3067

5:35 pm July 28, 2017

The 2.0 and CVT are fine about 99.9% of the time, but that 0.1% of the time when they aren't up to the job -- like high-speed merges on an uphill on-ramp -- can be frustrating and even a little scary. Other than that one issue I have mostly good things to say about my Crosstrek. Mine is a hybrid, which gives it a little more responsiveness around town because of the flatter torque curve and slightly better gas mileage than the regular model, but my experience is probably not that much different overall from owning a non-hybrid version. It's surprisingly comfortable even on long trips, the controls are easy to use, and it goes anywhere I want it to go without any fuss.


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Response from Member2726

7:37 pm July 28, 2017

I got Crosstrek Sport for my wife and she likes it a lot. If you ask her - she'll buy it again in a heartbeat.I drive it occasionally and in my opinion it's a nice car, way better than many others I drove. To me CVT feels very close to regular automatic transmission, I can hardly see the difference. I noticed though that it's quite easy to get it at 4,000 rpm when I want to start fast from traffic light or merge on highway. So if you hit pedal hard it accelerates quite well. On few occasions I drove 4 people and luggage to/from airport on highways - I noticed of course that it felt a little heavy, but it drives well at 120 km/h, it was adequate in traffic and highway mergers and at no point I feelt that it's uncomfortable to drive.I wouldn't hesitate to take it to long road trip.
So I think it's a good car for its class, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it if price is right and you want full wheel drive this size.. I couldn't say that I see any unusual sluggishness in CVT but I'm comparing it with my 4Runner so my impressions could be differentfrom yours: )
I'd say that you have to take a test drive and see how it feels yourself, besides we have 2015 Crosstrek - Subary might have tuned up 2017 differently.


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Response from NormT

9:24 am August 10, 2017

Psinfully slow says both Motor Trend and Car & Driver.




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