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2014 - 2020 Toyota Corolla

Cruise Control - HGas anyone noticed when the cruise control is on a hill and accelerating the manual control takes several seconds to respond and also the acceleration goes well beyond the current speed set...resulting in 'speeding'? The response to the manual control takes approx 6 seconds to acknowledge increasing the speed. When going down a slope slowing down via the manual control will NOT do it. It can not be pre-programmed to reduce speed.

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Response from Caveman

9:16 am January 29, 2018

I've noticed the opposite on our 2016 LE. The system does an excellent job of engine braking by adjusting the CVT to up the engine revs when going down hills. Works better than the cruise control on previous vehicles I've owned.

With cruise off, the car coasts really well, to the point where I have to brake more than I'm used to when going down hills. The upside is outstanding fuel economy.


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