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electrical problems

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2003 - 2004 Toyota Corolla
A member in Pennsylvania, United States

hi . ibougth a 2004 toyota corolla - private sale it was running good for like a month. know my instrumental pannel gos on and off my turn signal too and my guagues too . i took it to my mechanic and after 3 days working on it , he found out it was the alternator and battery was week, put a new alternator and battery and the problem went away like for a week,now it start to doit again it goes on and of for a litle wire but the engine keep running good, is only the gluster guages that fliker on and off and the wiper act up too . i dont know what to do anymore, it doesit some times, no problem with the engine or tranny is jus the instrumental pannel. i plug the diagnodtic tool and nothing register . please help. thanks

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Response from Member879

5:46 pm February 11, 2017

I would check your ground wires. I don't know exactly where they are, but generally speaking, wierd electrical issues occur when there are bad grounds. I'm sure Google is your friend here and can help you locate chassis grounds for the 2003 Corolla. I'd start with that. Find the grounds and make sure they are clean and firmly connected.


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Response from Member298

6:33 am February 12, 2017

I was about to write exactly what Member879 wrote. That sounds like a ground to me too.


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Response from mpg350

2:16 pm February 12, 2017

Does your AC stop working at the same time? If so might be a bad ABS module.


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